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Hi Ellie,

Hope you are doing good.

My name is Amit and DOB - Nov 30, 1978.
I am facing lots of challenges in my career lately. Left a job with no job in hand in Dec '13 (work was not satisfactory), then joined another one in March '14(job env is not so good, and travel to office daily takes lot of time). My wife is 5 months pregnant. She might have to leave job sooner or later.
When will I get a better job opportunity within the same company or a new one? Also, is travel on cards, I wish to travel with my family abroad for few years and work there.

Thanks in advance for your time,
Regards, Amit

Answering from the question pool.
Tarot card: Strength

You have to summon your inner strength to face the challenges in front of you, the 'powers-that-be' would never put you into this situation if they didn't think you could get through it. It's just a test for you to pass and you will come out of this test a different person. You will be assertive enough (not dominant) to gain the respect needed from your working environment; by having a feeling of applying your strength, ideas in the right manner. You have to understand that your emotions are not your weakness, they give you the strength to perservere and insights are built through strengthing your feelings for the situation you are finding yourself in. The cards are saying if you're already in the same company, know yourself to negotiate upward mobility (promotion, different role) in the company. If you're looking outside your company, then update your resume and know your skillset to sell yourself. You have more options than you think possible, you just have to dig into your feelings and train yourself to be a fighter.

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