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Any insight at all that you can provide about our connection I'm opening to listen to.  My question is: what can tarot tell me about John's feelings for me?

His full name is John William Troya and his date of birth is September 24, 1963. His Gender is male

My full name is Shamethia Dyer and my date of birth is September 9, 1987

We both know that we have a deep connection

We are not in a relationship we are good friends. We are working to build our friendship

He has been putting in a lot of effort

But I still thinks he's very confused about what he wants

About 3 months I did a one card reading and I got the page of pentacles as his feelings

We go back and forth him and I

He believes in time taking its course. he is going through a period of soul searching and/or self analysis. The decision needs to come 100% from him,  and not because its forced upon him. And according to tarot, that is going to take time before he surrenders, if at all. You will need to be incredibly patient with him (yes, I know you have already).

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Hello I am Kristina I work with Tarot and sprit, please note that one question will be answered only and remember to set your question to public, I do not accept private questions, questions set to private will be returned or put to the question pool, please respect my rules - thank you - also remember we are volunteer readers, one question only please, if it is very important. I'm sorry but I can't feed delusions (typically when the cards tell me your ex isn't coming back). My work is to give you the closure you need, and sometimes that means saying things you don't want to hear, and that also means I won't be your whipping girl just because you don't dig your reading! Also feeding back to me that other readers told you the opposite - really? so how comes you felt like you needed another opinion ! Just saying..! I have been doing this a long time and I consider myself the real deal. I am blessed to be given names and nick names of those connected to the clients reading.


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