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Tarot Card Readings/question on finding love relationship


Hello, thank you for your reading and your time.

I would like to request a reading on drawing love relationship/right man into my life? There has been lot of changes in my life, and hoping for the right relationship to come soon. My dob is 1 sept 1973.

Tarot cards: 8 of Cups, 7 of Wands

You're wishing things turned out differently and you're remaining stuck in an unhealthy situation caused by you. The way to change this is to un-stick yourself and really move on. You feel everything will be hardwork and nothing will come easy, so you're not motivating yourself to make any changes. Nothing in life (love or anything) is just going to come to you as if by magic. You have to push yourself out of the quicksand you have got yourself stuck in, and stop being so defensive. Explore the feelings of fear within you, and then you can understand yourself better.

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