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My name is Rachael Polk and I was born Oct. 15th 1990. I would like to know if I have already met my soulmate and if not will I ever?

The Moon, 9 of Pentacles

Be cautious before jumping head first into any new relationships Rachael :) because you are highly deluded at the moment and not thinking clearly. You will find that right now, your Root Chakra is imbalanced and you're not feeling secure within yourself, so you'll try where possible to live your life through another person... think of yourself as a tree, you have no roots within the earth, so you're trying to find another tree just to feel at home here on earth! So whatever relationship you enter into now, will be karmic soul mates not the real deal.

You feel confined, restricted to where you are - trapped is a better word! as if you woke up in the wrong reality... the people around you look at you and think you're highly successful and happy within; but inside you're crying your heart out.... because you feel a void within you. You haven't met your soul mate yet, nor will you until you begin to love yourself.

Start first by balancing your Root Chakra.

Here's a ritual for you :)

Go into your garden, or somewhere where you can walk on the earth barefeet... then as you walk around, say to yourself aloud... I love my feet, they show me the way on my path to my soul mate. Breathe in the fresh air, and calm yourself down. You are loved, just you have to love yourself before he turns up.

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