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hello Ellie and thank you for your time. I am Hakan 13 sep 64 my ex Natalie 14 June 83. I wanted to ask you if my ex will decide to return to me?
Thank you again

Hi Hakan,

I hope you are doing well...thank you for your question.  Here is your answer:

I looked into what your status with Natalie will be within the next few months and this may sound odd, but I do see a glimpse of her coming back because I see there will be some success for you on your path with getting Natalie back.  I do see that she has been very selfish and it would be in your best interest to move on from her more than to wait for her though.  You have a choice in this matter and even though I see her coming around I feel she will be difficult and it looks to take a while about two to three months before I see you and her having any kind of reconciliation.  I know it is hard to move on from her because you are lonely and depressed and you still love her but she really only thinks of herself (Five of Swords).  I do see some success for you happening (Six of Wands) meaning you will find yourself trying to work things out with Natalie again, but that doesn't mean she will be cooperative.  I do feel she will come around to you again and then be difficult and/or leave (Seven of Swords) so there looks to be this going back and forth because I see her getting in good with you again (Two of Cups) but unfortunately it doesn't look to be any great success with her.  I feel there will be like a continuing battle to get her to be kind and loving towards to.  I feel though that in order to get her back you would have to reach out to her and get in touch with her (Eight of Wands).  I feel not only does it look like you and Natalie will touch base again and you will have her in your life for a period of time, but you will also have other opportunities for a love relationship if you so choose as well.

I hope this helps.

God bless,

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