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Hi, my name is Thuyoanh and I was born on December 29, 1993. I was wondering if you can do a general tarot reading for this year? Thank you

Hi Thuyoanh!

For a look at the year ahead, I suggest a "Four Seasons" reading...this is a Tarot spread that I designed just exactly for these kinds of questions and readings. Each of the four cards looks at an upcoming season. It doesn't make predictions, of course, but instead gives a theme, feeling or lesson for that period of time. Since summer is about halfway over, we'll start with Fall...mid Sept to mid Dec. and end up with next summer which covers June-Sept of 2015.

General Pattern: The good news is this shows all minor arcana cards...usually that is hint that it will be a fairly comfortable, uneventful year...no big lights or sirens. If things are stressful now, this might be an omen of things improving or resolving sometime during these seasons. Are you thinking of a change at work, changing jobs or careers, or having any sort of issues at or with work?? So many coins cards gives that impression. If nothing else, this year is an opportune time, at a good energy-point to think about job and career...are you at a place you want to stay at long term? If you want to make a change, is this feels like a good time to make it, especially those kinds of changes that focus not so much on salary (although that is important too) but also thinks about what you WANT to do...what kind of job or career would make you the happiest. I really don't get any sense of romance/private life/family/friends with any of this except for how your overall frame of mind interacts with those relationships and situations...the best thing you can do for the people you care about is to be as happy, healthy and the best you that you can be.   That goes double for finding or maintaining love and romance relationships. Build a foundation for love by making a happy life for yourself every way you can.

Fall: Knight of Coins (reversed) meaning perspective. Having a card reversed, or upside down from where I sit, really doesn't change anything the way I do readings. Some really old school Tarot folks make the meaning opposite of different...I just use the upside down to give it some context. Given the overall feeling of the spread that we just talked about, I think it means Fall will be a good time to GAIN perspective...do some soul-searching, think about how happy you are with things...if you are happy, how can you keep it that way, and help others around to come up to that level...but if you aren't happy (again, particularly with regards to career and work), this is a time to decide what would be the most empowered career path for you. The card being upside down gives the feeling of unclear or blocked perspective...as if you feel trapped into the way things are and can't see a way ahead, or that your view is somehow clouded by something else. Do what you need to do to have a clear head and take an honest look at things. Career especially, but otherwise too.

Winter: 6 of Swords meaning "yeilding". This card stands out by virtue of being the only non-coins card. This card feels like the decision between seeing things as they are but doing something about it vs giving in and just being a door mat and 'taking it'. This card is very much about learning the two different sides of 'yeilding'. You can work with the hand you're dealt, and 'roll with it'...in other words, you have to acknowledge a problem and yield to the fact that it exists before you can go about solving the problem OR you can yield by just giving up...the choice is yours. The winter may be the most stressful of the seasons ahead as you work with the difficult lesson of "fall down seven times, get up eight" as the Japanese proverb says

Spring: Page of Coins meaning "wonder". Here is where all the effort during the winter pays off. Taking steps to do work that makes you happy can turn out to be way cooler than you expected...it can give you a sense of wonder, a sense of the world being bigger than you ever thought it was. There is a feeling of discovery and opportunity around this season. If Fall And Winter feel like you are beating your head agains a wall, this is the season where the wall falls down and you start to see movement and progress.

Summer: The 4 of Coins. This is always a happy little card to me...some read it as stingy or greedy...but to me it is more about surprise, appreciating the small and mundane, and seeing the little things in life as the treasures that they are...I always say this card is like that surprise you feel when you get out your winter coat and find a forgotten dollar bill in the pocket...that kind of feeling. There is no sense of anything major or emotional, or any big changes, lessons or decisions during this season. It feels like your time to stop and smell the roses. This card is asking you to notice and appreciate all the little things...maybe even do some random acts of kindness, and appreciate any little thing that comes your way...a smile on the street, a stranger that holds the door for you, a flower on the roadside...anything.

And on that note, the energy steps back. I usually do a 'scrying' or cold reading portion at the end to give us an opportunity to get any messages through that doesn't relate to the cards, but in this case it feels like the cards say all that needs to be said. A very pleasant energy overall.

Good luck with the work thing if that turns up for you. Enjoy your summer...this one and next !

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