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hi, my name is sona. can you give me the time frame when i will be employed and who/what kind of company will hire me? i am tired of trying! please help!
thanks  in advance for your kindness!

answering from the question pool, just looking at the first question as my time and energy is valuable too :)

tarot card - 3 of Swords

not the best card you want come up Sona! despondent energies! stress! refusing to make a decision. perhaps you were made redundant or your last work contract ended unexpectedly, something is forcing you to think badly... maybe just your mind! maybe there's a lesson you just do not want to learn or think about! But I'm not sensing a job is just going to come on up out of the blue (this is answering your when you will be employed) because there's something wrong with the way you're thinking right now! Normally swords would mean days - so 3 days - but really I do not feel that within 3 days you will get a job, just that maybe within 3 days of reading this you will think oh! shit! was I the one getting in my way, and this will cause you to do something constructive rather than moping around.

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