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Could you please give me a general reading

Hi Dassanayke

Your cards today are:

lessons from the past...3 of wands, reversed

Whare you are now...the chariot, reversed

next step forward...4 of swords

Advice...death, reversed

alternate direction...the devil

General pattern: WOW! Its been a while since I've seen a reading with so many major arcana cards in just five cards like that. Right from the beginning I want to caution you against reading too much into them, or giving the cards undue power. Sadly, there is still a lot of superstitious nonsense about the cards...death and devil talk about difficult ideas, yes, but should NEVER be taken literally. Not ever. Overall what this means is that this is a time of personal growth, opportunity for change...a crossroads in life with regards to maturity and internal perspective, if not external things too.

Lessons from the past: The suite of wands has to do with philosophy, perspective, internal spiritual life, personal growth...that sort of thing. Being in reverse, I would think the 3 of wands hints that your foresight has been thwarted...that you feel blindsided by the turns life has taken recently (either that or there is a chance of that happening, although by choosing to get the reading, you have reduced that feeling of 'blindsided') I get the feeling that buddhist - style detachment will help you as you start to understand what has happened in your past and what is going on in life now...logic, observation, cool-headed assessment and planning...all those sorts of things will serve you well.

That connects strongly to 'where you are now': The chariot has to do with awareness, paying attention, taking control of a fast-paced life. Being reversed, think of this as a WAKE UP call...this card is asking for you to be mindful (again a Buddhist notion) to both what is going on around you (watch, wait, engage, understand, think) and pay attention to your own emotional responses...understand why ______ makes you feel _______, that sort of thing.

Next step forward is a reminder how to cope with rapidly changing times and demanding life-lessons...flexibility. A sword that can not bend will break in battle...adapt, adjust, learn...take in new lessons, learn what works and what doesn't.

Despite what you seen in movies, the death card never has to do with literal physical demise. It is all about change...some people who are upset by change see it as tragic as death. The card also means re-birth and renewal. Change can be for the good. Change is opportunity as the old proverb goes. In reverse, the emphasis is on change for you. The renewal aspects will come in time, but for now your big lesson is to change, and adapt, guided by logic and clear-headed insight / foresight.  

The devil card is just a simple factual acknowledgment that people have dark sides. Both others and ourselves. In this case it feels more introspective. It feels like ordinary introspection. Maybe dealing with guilt. We all have habits and pasts that we may not be very proud of...always room to improve. Part of the learning and growing (that the wands and chariot and death cards talk about) is looking at yourself, realistically acknowledgeing the things that we don't like...changing what you don't like about yourself after you admit they exist. It could be something deep and profound...or it might be as simple as picking up your socks...that it for you to decide. Profound or mundane, the devil card is just asking you to be honest with yourself about yourself...which is a devil of a thing to do sometimes.

Summary: In general this doesn't feel that bad, not like anything major is wrong..it feels all internal, personal growth types of things that are emotionally challenging but not physically threatening.

Good luck!


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