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Female 3/16/85.

I have known this guy named Noel who happens to be one of my best friends because I have shared so much with him and he is so special. We met Feb 2013 and it was such a special time when we met. He is younger than me and was a little upset that he lied about his age yesterday. He is a good looking guy and has a successful career in modeling. He supports womens rights, animal rights ect and it is just amazing. I saw him two weekends ago and it was so special, when we are together it is like we are in love. He knows that I don't give myself away just like that and told him many times and he knows this and glad that he is willing to go this. Sorry I can't explain this...he is not a typical guy. LOL. I don' know his birthday because he won't tell me. He doesn't jump into relationships neither do I and beleive that building it is the best way.
When we first met we would talk/text every day for over 6 months...then I kind of disappeared because I wanted to move forward and it kind of did. He was there for my surgery last year...he was the first person to be there when I woke up...by phone...haha. Texting, videos, msging me. It was so sweet.
My question is...he is crazy in love with me? What is his feelings for me? I am in love with him.

Hi Ally

The first thing I got is a three. Unless there is someone else in the picture, this relationship needs to be built slowly, and carefully. For him not to tell you when his birthday is, is a bit odd. I have never heard of this before. Which makes me wonder what else he might be hiding from you. I am not saying this to put you off, however, you need to take your brain with you, as your heart is doing all the talking!
Noel is very strongly attracted to you - yes - there is a strong chemistry, and I feel he has thought about taking your relationship beyond the stirrings of flirty feelings. He does look up to you, and I also feel he tells you things that he thinks you like to hear. All I am saying is be careful, put your brain back on, and perhaps investigate why he wont reveal something as simple as his birthday or why lied about his age. He does want a sexual relationship with you but this does not equal commitment.  On the surface, I can see why you would think this is the real deal, but you may be dealing with a counterfeit love.

Love and light

Krissy x

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