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Hi there :-) May I please have a general tarot reading? Thanks so much for your time, energy and services. Nov. 5, 1989

Hi Mona

Thanks for choosing me to read for you today. Lets get started. After four shuffles (it just felt right) your cards are:

Lessons from the past: 3 of Cups
Where you are now: King of Wands
Next step forward: Queen of Cups
Turning Point: Death
Alternate Direction: Queen of Wands

General Pattern: The majority of your cards are from the minor arcana, but there are a remarkable number of royalty carks...one king and two queens. Traditionally, the royalty cards from the minor arcana carry more energy than the number cards, but not quite the "oomf" of the major arcana cards. What that means is, this is just a clue that the near future may hold challenges, lessons and opportunities, but nothing to be frightened about, nothing too overwhelming. Not boring by any means, but not disaster either. Overall, the spread has a very positive feel...a 'things are looking up' kind of feel. The ideas of 'change' and 'opportunity' really jump out again.

Lessons from the past. The 3 of cups has to do with your social group, friends, and usually has a very positive connotation. In this case, it has a feel of "girls night out" ... or "girls night in"...something very innocent and fun, cookie dough and gladiator movies kind of thing, you know? I don't know why, but the word "frenimies" comes to mind...as if someone brought a few sour grapes to the party. There is a sense of "old" as if this is something from the past...tension, someone not being totally honest with you or with the group as a whole...a spat, something superficial to most of you but a big deal to them...there is a sense of "learning who your real friends are". This card always has energy of rely on your friends. The overall feeling is know who your real friends are...then let them be the wind beneath your wings even as you are the wind beneath theirs.

Now: The king of wands has to do with leadership. It feels new, not something you sought out, also lighthearted, nice, maybe to do with community or social service of some kind. I don't know the particulars, of course, but this 'leadership' has a feel of being 'volunteered' involuntarily by your cookie dough buddies to organize the local fundraising bake sale...or something equally earth shaking. It feels playful and fun...or it can be if you make your leadership roles into fun. The image here is the 'spoonful of sugar' scene from mary poppins....use humor and fun to 'rally the troups' either socially or at work. Even if it isn't something you usually turn to, humor and fun can be real assets for you now...socially or at work..anywhere you play a lead role. If humor, fun and social butterflying isn't your usual thing...use your leadership roles to draw in people who bring humor and fun to a situation. Lead with kindness, and lightheartedness either yourself or through the people you "draft" into helping you.

The next step forward seems like the exact opposite of this advice, which speaks to the idea of balance. After all the play and fun of the past two cards, the queen of cups is all about still and quiet. The advice here is that even during the play and fun, make time for yourself. Even during all the social activity and leadership, make sure to find some alone-time for balancing, centering and recharging. The queen of cups is all about finding the quiet that lets you listen to the wisdom within. It IS there...find the quiet that lets you hear it. The feeling here is that advice...that need for quiet time to balance all the other aspects of life...is a constant. There is a sense that you need that kind of quiet and alone time. It is a constant feature and maybe should be made an important and consistent part or life...like those people who set aside time each day for meditation, no matter how much the phone is ringing or the laundry is piling up... just a few minutes for you each day will help you be stronger, happier with all the other stuff in your day. Even if you find yourself resisting at the beginning...facing silence,facing yourself can be uncomfortable, especially at the beginning. Think of it like trying new vegetables when you were a kid. At first it isn't fun, but then it kind of grows on you, and one day poof! you actually like broccoli (or whatever)you know?

Turning point: This card has opportunity all over it. I know that sounds crazy, until you consider what the death card REALLY means. Please don't buy into all that doom nonsense you see in movies and TV. This card is about a life altering CHANGE and NEW BEGINNINGS. This, of all cards, should be kept in cultural perspective. In Europe in the 1400s, the world was different, and death had very different connotations than it does now. Also, Tarot developed in France and Italy (not ancient egypt, witches or from marco polo or all those other ooogie booogie things you might have heard..it started off as a game like gin rummy or bridge). These are very strongly Catholic cultures so the death card is very much infused with undercurrents of life after death, rebirth, ... almost a reincarnation sort of idea. That is very much what the Death card brings here. If leadership, fun, humor, quiet time and so on are new to you,then this is a good time and a chance to re-invent yourself. If there is anything fun or hobby like that you've been considering giving a try, this might be a good time to give it a go...again, there is a fun, lighthearted feel...taking a painting class at community college, taking up jogging or golf, play laser tag...something on that order. New & fun.

The other direction card is very similar in feel and energy as all the rest. To me, that is a clue that you are already on a good path and heading in a good direction. The Queen of Wands is all about nurturing. I see this card a lot in readings for people with service careers - stay at home moms to nurses to teachers to social workers...all sorts of things like that. Most of the time it is simple acknowledgement and thank you for all you to take care of others and, like the queen of cups, a reminder to care for yourself. The queen of wands is a bit more on the nuts and bolts practical side, though. The queen of cups talks about spiritually looking within, making quiet time to balance emotionally and spiritually. The queen of wands is more about the mental/physical care. This is a prompt to eat well, sleep well, exercise...do for yourself all the good healthy things you encourage others to do.

Summary / Cold Reading: There isn' t much else to add. The color blue, especially a sky blue or aquamarine comes to mind. Is there any association with march birthdays or aquamarine birthstones for you? I also get a sense of a woodsy scent, like incense or maybe a sandalwood or myrrh scented candle, something like that.

I get the feeling you've had readings before and know how these things works. The energy is what it is...and there it steps back for you.

I just changed my allexperts "signature", and I don't know if you'll get the old version or the new one. Although the summer special on readings has ended, the blog is still free to subscribe and I've decided to keep my kindle e-book at $0.99 after all. Please come visit at http://www.modernoracletarot.com.

It's been so nice meeting you. Take care.


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