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Hi, Could you give me a general reading please? My DOB is 30/01/66
I have been divorced for seven years, in a long distance relationship that feels like it's going nowhere, I have two sons about to move out before long, things feel rather bleak at the minute.


Hi Debra

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so discouraged.

Today's cards are:

Lessons from the past: Judgement
Where you are now: Queen of Cups
Next step forward: 2 of wands
advice: 2 of swords
alternative direction: the hanged man

General pattern: the number 2 jumps out. Numerology isn't my strong suite, so you may want to research 2 in numerology, or try to think if 2 is significant for you...something that happened in February, or the second day of a month or some other "2" association. Even the judgement card is the 20th major arcana card...two Xs in roman numerals, which many of the classic Tarot decks use on the major arcana portion of the deck.

The overall feeling is "quiet is OK" the feeling I get is one of being used to activity, wanting things to be as outgoing, gregarious, outward and yang as before...and not accepting of this natural swing of the pendulum toward the quiet. Not everything has to be 'going somewhere'...sometimes it is enough...is right...to just BE, savor and enjoy. I get a feeling of anxiety too...the natural guess would be that it is worry about your sons leaving home...also a normal, natural event. All moms have to contend with that life change at some point, in some way.

It is difficult to come face to face with quiet, because it more than anything brings us face to face with ourselves. There is no hiding from life when all is quite and slower than before.

Lessons from the past: This card looks both forward and back...it looks back and judges things with the harsh clarity of 20/20 hindsight. Regrets can crop up if judgement is harsh. That is OK...it is how we learn and make things better. But don't forget the forward-looking part of the card, that things CAN be better. Judgement in this context speaks to understanding and reason, not the guilty / not guilty kind of judgement. It is more about looking at harsh realities than arbitrary black and white puritanical dogma. What is it that brought you hear? What is it that makes you feel you are 'going nowhere' in marriage? Why does it have to go anywhere at all rather than just appreciate it, enjoy it, celebrate it as IS? Why does your sons leaving home make you feel bleak rather than celebrating their milestones and achievements? Do you think this is typical wistfulness at the time of life change or is a physical kind of depression that needs real medical or counseling help? Are you judging anyone too harshly...yourself included? Is there a way to re-think this more gently, and let go of expectations. No expectations, no judgments means no disappointments, less feelings of bleakness.

Where you are now...the queen of cups...acknowledges that feeling you have. It is a card of stillness, and finding inner wisdom...kind of like a meditation retreat. Life has handed you a quiet phase, ready or not. Take the energy you had been putting into motherhood and wifehood and put it into listening...especially to your own inner wisdom. Things may have been too busy in life up to this point...now you are being given the rest and serenity to look within as never before. It can be a gift if you allow it to be so.

That is the main advice of the reading. the 'next step'card serves to highlight it. The two of wands has a very Zen, go with the flow, let things be as they are sort of feel. What was that old song "Let it Be"? Was that the Beatles?? That song pops to mind in any case

The two of swords continues that motif, meaning "mystical unity", and like the queen of cups, has very spiritual undertones to it. What is your spiritual beliefs or traditions or practices? What do you do that feeds your soul and makes you feel more fulfilled and happy? Perhaps the solution is focus on that for a time instead of focusing so much on your sons normal stage of life growth, or shifts in your relationship. That could be the key to understanding, therefor solving, the other concerns. Focus on feeding your spirit, and that in turn will show the way forward as far as your sons and relationship goes.

My sense is that the Hanged man represents what you fear rather than an option for you to choose / avoid. You fear the sudden change in activity perhaps...what seems like stagnation to you may just be a general, normal change of place. To a jet pilot used to going mach 2, normal highway speeds seems like standing still...make sense? That is the feeling around this card in any case. It doesn't feel strongly cautioning or advising, just bringing the idea up, which fits with the overall theme so far, too.

And there the energy steps back. The feeling now is one of spirit guides making their presance known, but deliberatly stepping back to make room for you to come to them, to work with them directly yourself, in the silence and quiet that life has recently given you. They are there, waiting, loving, for you to reach out to them and to reach inside to discover the depths and wisdom within

Good luck!


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