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My name is Shariya (10/28/1985)

I am really interested in an general reading to use
as guidance.

Hi Shariya

Let's do a five card "modern oracle" reading for you. The first card is lessons from the past that might help now, the next is a look at your current situation, the third card is an idea for your next step forward, the three together look at the path you are on now. The fourth card is advice...food for thought. The last card is another direction you can take things, based on your choices.

Your cards today are:

now...the tower
next...the sun
advice...page of coins
alternate...7 of coins

General Pattern: Lots of fun and energy coming! The first three cards in a row are from the major arcana, and increasing in light and posivtivity, so that is a clue that you are on a good path, even if it seems chaotic or stressful for a time.

Past lessons: Temperance "Balance and Moderation" Have you ever had a tendency to be 'gung ho' about things? There is a sense here of enthusiasm, and loads of passion, and energy. I almost want to say 'perky'...not in a bad or annoying way, but in a very young, genuine way....it has sort of a high school pep rally kind of feel to it. The advice here is to think things through. Enthusiasm and energy and passion is a good thing...we need that, but being too impulsive or impetuous can get you into trouble. So the message is to balance enthusiasm and joy and passion with just a touch of thoughtfulness and planning...just enough to avoid trouble, you know?

The next card is the tower which has the traditional meaning of chaos. Some old-fashioned readers look at this a bad sign of chaos to come...I don't. I don't think Tarot cards predict or warn of anything. The more modern way of looking at this card is as a reminder...when life feels chaotic, or out of control or impossible to figure out...change perspective. Think of the imagery...think of a medieval battlefield. When you are on ground level, in the battle, you can't see everything, you are caught up in the details, the moment, where you are. The king or knight in charge can't direct the battle from that perspective...but climb the castle tower, and they can see the whole battle, and direct the strategy from there easily. The tower doesn't predict chaos, it reminds you to climb above chaos, to get the broader, larger perspective in order to solve the chaos...to solve problems.

The sun is your next step...the direction you are heading at the moment. It is just as positive as it feels. It means stability and reliability. It is a clue that you can seek, find, or be given a time of stability to balance out any times of turmoil you are having or have in the future.

the page of coins means wonder..it is advice about how to handle stress too. It is a reminder to stop and smell the roses...to appreciate what IS rather than get caught up in worry about what might (or might not) happen or get stuck on stuff that has happened in the past.

The last card, the seven of coins,  is a caution too...a reminder that you reap what you sow. If you get too caught up in past, future, trivial details, "lose the forest for the trees" as they say...that could result in stress and challenges in life. If you stay balanced (like the temperance card suggests), focus on the positive and the stable things in life (like the sun card) and appreciate the good things in the here-and-now (as the page of coins recommends) then you will just get even more stability, positivity, and (given the two coins cards) good luck in career and the physical realm of life.

Summary: overall it is a very positive feeling reading. There are a few cautions, but they are mostly there to help you KEEP the positive energy and direction going. There is a sense of work and career being positive, if there are any concerns there. the idea of "don't sweat the small stuff" and "smell the roses" again. Little things mean a lot...see the little good things that fill life, and the big things will get a nudge in the right direction through that.

Thanks for choosing me to do your reading. Best wishes to you!

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