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Hello Baihu, I'm really pleased thatI have an opportunity to ask for a reading today by the way as I had been hoping to get one in honour of my Birthday (which has passed a couple of weeks ago on 26/8/65.) I think my main issue seems to be that I have lost motivation as health problems have made it too difficult to enjoy my passions  over the years, and I now feel very heavy hearted. I seem to be getting upset about not having support but not sure if I am blocking myself so I am open to and would be grateful if you can throw any light on moving forward Regards,Frances

Hello Frances

Thank you for choosing me to do your reading. We have some things in common, starting with a 1965 birthday...I'm a just a few months ahead of you. I do understand what you are going through, at least a little bit. I had a stroke a few years ago that keeps me from participating in one of my great passions...Martial Arts. I can't do Kung Fu as I used to at all...among other big changes.

It is important to acknowledge, and to some extent mourn those losses and changes. At the same time, I've learned the value of adaptability and big-picture perspective. Sure we can't do things as we once did...but who was the person doing those things in the first place? What was it about YOU that made those things such a good fit for you?

The machine may have changed, but the ghost within it remains and can be strong again. What is it about you that made those old passions so right for you to start with? No warrior can win a battle using the same one punch over and over again. Sometimes you have to drastically change tactics, even adapt overall strategy. Underneath it all, you are still you. You still posses the character traits (if you want to) that made you love those things in the first place. Now it is time to use those same traits and skills in a different way - that's all. That's where the big picture perspective comes in handy. Look at the totality of life, not just the specific losses. Look at right here, right now. Don't let your mind be trapped by the comparison between past and present. What else , within your current physical abilities, can enrich your life the way the old loves did? What, within your current physical ability, can you do that lets the inner you shine? What's done is done...we have to make the most of right here, right now. Look at it this way...at least we are still alive to be grumpy about the changes!

That being said, let's get to the reading. I created this "four seasons" reading especially for this kind of thing...birthdays, New Year, anniversaries and such...it gives one card for each of the up coming seasons. That lends a theme, or a lesson, or an idea for that period of time, something to look forward too - not a prediction, but an opportunity.

General pattern: you have one major arcana card (the world) and the remaining minor arcana show 3 of 4 possible suites. This all hints a balance...and hints at you finding your emotional footing once again. There won't be stagnation, but gentle growing and change is the feeling here, with the greatest time of evolution resting in the winter where the major arcana card lies. This makes a kind of symbolic sense. Winter is when we here in the northern hemisphere are usually not quite as physically active, and it is a good time for contemplation. Unless you are a skier or winter outdoorsman, in which case this is the time when you will come in full bore contact with all your fears and frustrations. Either way, that looks like your best time to take the bull by the horns and wrestle all of this successfully.

Fall: 10 of cups. As I read them, cards can have one of four basic types of messages (advice, caution, acknowledgement, encouragement) This seems to be the latter two. The 10 of cups talks about something coming to successful fruition. Based on your question, this feels like encouragement that you have the ability to bring things to a better place for you.  There is a sense of blossoming, of the becoming here. The next three months are a good time to begin the process of spiritual growth and healing that can make physical circumstances if not better, at least more tolerable.

Winter: The World. This major arcana card has a sense of triumph about it. The traditional meaning is success, and the infinite. There is the mental image of an olympic gymnast 'sticking' a landing and a sense of "nailed it!" , a sort of triumph and completion like putting the last nail in a house or other building project. It has a quick, triumphant feel...like that nail was put in with one big, loud victorious BAM! This too is a reassurance card.

Spring: 8 of coins. I forget where I read it...might have been a coffee mug somewhere...but there was a saying "Don't think yourself into a new way of doing, do yourself into a new way of thinking". Or like the old adage "fake it until you make it". That isn't to say deny what you feel or be fake or artificial. It is very much like the adage that courage isn't acting without fear, it is acting in spite of fear. The same may apply here. Your heart may not be entirely in it to start...but trying something new or different...finding a new way to express your true self that is within your physical ability...something else that resonates with the part of your soul that the old passions touched.  If you compare new things to the old, sure that is going to give way to frustration, resentment, anger and sadness...BUT if you enjoy the new things for what they are, for the way they touch and express the real inner you, then they can in time become new passions...give you new fulfillment. DO. BE. LET GO of the comparisons and appreciate what IS. This is your big advice card, and it may take until spring to get to a place in your life and outlook that you can act on that advice, but it is within your reach and possibilities.

Summer: 7 of wands. This card is pure reassurance. It's meaning is inner peace. The suite of wands typically symbolizes your inner world, philosophies, point of view. Things shift from the finding-new-activity energy of the spring, to an inner coming-to-terms-with-everything feel of this card.

In total, the advice seems to be to acknowledge all the hurts and disappointments, yes, but then find new loves, new passions and new support systems as best as you can. Old loves may not be open to you...but they aren't what made or make you who you are. You made them into the passions that they were. You can make new things into passions too. You loved those things BECAUSE of who you really are deep down...and that deep down inner person can love, live, act again just through a different avenue.

The machine has changed...not the spirit within it. You are still you, even if you can't do the old things. New things, new loves, will let your light shine.

If you can, look up the 8 of wands card. I think seeing it might help you see that possible future, find that feeling of re-connection.

Good luck with everything, and happy belated birthday!

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