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I am Jasmine (born November 7, 1985). I met a boy named Ishpreet (born November 30, 1982) last year in April. We spoke for about two months getting to know each other for marriage. I was ok to marry him initially but at the last minute I backed out as he checked my background behind my back which I didn't like. He apologised profusely for it but something in my mind snapepd. Overall, he is a nice guy and for the two months that we interacted, I got along well with him and had gotten to like him.
Now I am over it and met a few other guys for marriage but these guys didn't want to take things forward with me. Ishpreet is still in love with me. Very recently he met me outside my office and expressed his feelings again. I was shocked as almost 15 months had passed since we last spoke and I would have expected his feelings to go away. However he still thinks I am special and asked if I should give him another chance to start talking and see where it goes. I would like to know what to do. Please help.

Tarot card - Ace of Wands - the only reason you're even considering the first guy is because you're feeling frustrated that you cannot get married to anyone else. You have to ask yourself, why did you refuse him in the first place, are you really that desperate now... and ask yourself are you loving yourself, and do you even know the meaning of love, and does Ishpreet. If you simply want to know whether you should get married to him, and not really interested in true love - then I am the wrong person to help you with.  

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