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I am Jasmine (born November 7, 1985). I met a boy named Ishpreet (born November 30, 1982) last year in April. We spoke for about two months getting to know each other for marriage. I was ok to marry him initially but at the last minute I backed out. However, the boy is still in love with me. I am over it but very recently he met me outside my office and expressed his feelings again. I would like to know what to do. Please help.

Hi Jasmine

He definitely sees you as marriage material.  He feels that you balance him out.
For you, no, I am shown you did right closing the chapter on it.

I am being told to tell you to wait and not jump in.  Take some time for yourself. Use this time to look within for the answers regarding Ishpreet.

I feel you are too uncertain about him and he may not be the right person for you, or else you would not be questioning it.

Do not force yourself to be in a relationship if you are not certain about him. Its nice being loved by someone and getting that attention, but, what about you, how to you feel?  It feels to me as though something is already saying no, so let your intuition guide you.Not all relationships are meant to last, some just happen to teach us lessons before moving on.

Love and light


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