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hi im mandy female 7,11,59 and my husband is andrew 29.12.59 male we are separated and hes with someone else. Will we reconcile please or is the marraige over now and his future with other woman? thankyou mandy


As much as I don't like being the bearer of bad news (please don't shoot the messenger!) your cards are telling me that your marriage is over.

Andrews cards tell me that something was already missing from your marriage which is why he went off with someone else.

At the moment, it is all about him.

They are also telling me that you thought there some kind of 'turn around' with him, but it turned out to be false. Which happened more than once. He always returned to her.

Even though you have missed him terribly and wish he would return to what things were with you, you have to respect that he is not in the same place as you. I feel your marriage is over and it has been over for a long time. It is indeed heartbreaking, and I am sorry you are in pain, and I hate saying this but you need to take your brain with you..I think it is critical that you allow yourself some healing, Mandy. xx

I think you could be told a million times that he isn't coming home permanently, but you would never find an answer to really satisfy you. You are perhaps, seeking answers that are not there to give, and as hard as you try to find them and reason with yourself he will come back- you'll merely get the same answer.

Again, I am sorry you have had to go through this for so long,

Wishing the best,  

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