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Could you please give me a general reading
Jasy (24/10/1988)

Thank you.

Hi Jasy

The card spread we're using is a "modern oracle" spread that I designed specifically to give the greatest possible respect to your choices, and to empower the control you have over the path you take. The first card is lessons from the past...things to remember from before that can help you now. The next card IS now, to help you understand the current situation better. Next is the next best step forward...not a prediction of the future like old fashioned readings. The fourth card is the choice card. It is a pivot point when you can choose a new direction if you like. The final card is the alternative...another path you can take based on your choices from here.

General Pattern: of your cards, only one is from the Major Arcana portion of the Tarot deck. That usually means that you are in a balanced place or if you are feeling stressed, then the worst may be over and heading back toward balance. There is a strong sense of balance and calm looking at the distribution of cards among the minor arana suites too. It is a happy sense of serenity, calm and "the usual". The risk here is becoming bored or restless. It feels as if you are being cautioned against that "don't move too quick...let this time run its course...enjoy the quiet while it lasts" is the feeling. I see sunshine, water, stone building...like a temple almost...red roof, gold or yellow trim...near the water and a dock or walkway of some kind. Feels like a city or larger town...a serene place where people gather, sunset.

Lessons from the past: 7 of coins, meaning "reaping harvest". It feels as if this card is a reassurance that the plans you made in the past are coming to fruition, even if you don't quite see it yet. "persist" "all is well" "the seeds you planted are growing as they should, even if not exactly as you envisioned" is the feeling here.

Now: 2 of cups meaning "harmony". If you are single and wondering about relationships...the feeling is "be a peace, it will happen when the time is right" if you are a relationship, it feels stable. Even if you are wondering or worrying...the feeling here is "patience, wait, accept, abide". Accept and be who you really are...and allow others to do the same. There is a feeling of pragmatism here...looking, quietly watching. See what really is, and learn to accept what you cannot change. Go with the flow, and natural course of things. Don't try to force things to meet your expectations...enjoy and appreciate things as they are. Find the good in the situation...it might be your nature to fight, work, struggle, so this lesson of peace and acceptance and adaptability might be hard for you. Be patient with yourself, too.

Next step forward:Page of Swords meaning "faith" The lessons of the two of cups continue. The page just highlight those same ideas, and give a sense of continuing, as if this time of finding inner harmony, pursuing inner peace will continue for a time. At the heart of the acceptance lessons and the go-with-the-flow lessons is really about having faith in yourself, faith in the plans you've sent and the seeds you've planted. Have faith in others to be true to themselves, and allow that as you do the same. Here energy shifts a little from close relationships more toward career and work. That will take patience and persistence too.

Your pivot point is the Pope or Heirophant. This symbolizes social convention or society's expectations. The feeling here is that pressure to achieve, be wealthy, to have ______ and to do ______ often comes from the outside, from other people, from culture or society expectations. This card suggest that this isn't your nature, that your nature may be more peaceful, more outside of cultural norms than that. The card asks you to think if being 'not normal' or disappointing family/parent expectations is worth you (and maybe your love interests happiness.

And happiness, even if it doesn't meet other people's expectations is important. You alternate direction card is the 10 of cups, which hints at both happiness and a project that comes to an end in a good and happy way. It feels like that project is the same one as the "reaping harvest" feeling of the first card suggested...it feels like those cards and the project (or maybe phase of life) might be the same for both.

And there the energy steps back. Usually, I sum up with any other intuition that comes through, but for you it feels like that happened at the beginning with the building and water in the sunset.

I hope that helps. Best Wishes!

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