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My name is Anna Maria (dob aug 12 1966).  I wanted to know when my husband will get a job (Chris dob aug 4 1969).
Any additional insight you can offer would be appreciated.
thank you in advance.
Anna Maria

Tarot card: 8 of Cups - this means 8 months - the cards are saying Chris feels pretty hopeless and dismal right now about this chances of finding a job, somewhere where he will be appreciated for the employer he is; and that's why there's no jobs at present. If he changes his way of thinking then there's a chance.

There's an old gypsy spell which I like, and have modified - ask Chris to pick a number he likes the best.

Then ask him to gather those many number of coins, any value he feels
Hold the coin in his hand to his heart, feel the love from his heart go into the coin
Hold the coin in his hand to his third eye, for him to know where his job will be
Kiss the coin, to attach a bit of his soul self, soul love to it
and then give the coin to someone on the street, a homeless person (can add other coins with it)

Say he picks 6 coins, every day for 6 days he should do the ritual - one day after the next. This opens his heart to the value of money, and opens his heart to understanding he can be appreciated whomever he is... If he is sincere about the spell, then he will be able to find his job sooner because the Leprechauns will help him find his job :)  

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