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I had a dream a few months ago. It wasn't one of my usual convoluted, makes no sense dream, this one felt very real. In this dream I saw a place? or what I believe is a part of a piece of property I will own one day? In my dream this particular portion of the property, I saw it before I/we purchased it and I saw it after (Iím presuming) we purchased it. AND a few days ago I had a premonition/vision/feeling of this portion of the property from my dream. It only lasted for a couple of seconds, but it was enough to get my attention!

What can the cards tell me about this event. Thank you

Hi Denise

You are right to pay attention to that kind of dream. The difference in tone, feeling, realism and quality of the dream compared to day-to-day dreaming is significant.

Dreams are profound in their own right, and Tarot really can't add to that. The thing to do now is to develop the intuitive information you already have in hand - namely your dreaming and precognitive feelings.

Are you looking to buy property in reality or is the dream more symbolic than that? Does the dream point you in one direction or another as far as actual real estate goes...namely if you want to buy property in reality, does your dream bring to mind a particular geographic area, or type of purchase (urban, rural, suburban, local area, farther away, etc etc)

Have you been debating whether to buy or not? Does this dream tip the scales one way or another insofar as a real life purchase?

Don't forget to think of it symbolically too. The REALISM of the dream was a way to get your attention in the first place, NOT necessarily a message to take the dream literally.

Land, property and houses in dreams are often symbols of self, your current life. Buying land is a very rooted, permanent thing, and this may speak to the quality of life for you in general...that relationships, home are steady, reliable, the ground beneath your feet so to speak. If that is the case, you may want to think back to the property in the dream...don't think of it as an actual land purchase, but bring the dream back to your minds eye as best you can, and look at what it tells you about YOU and your current life situation. Is the property well kept or did it need some care and attention? Was it hot, cold, desert, lush...what details captured your attention, if any? What can those details tell you about your situation in general. What is your feeling when you look at the dream from a more symbolic and less literal mindset? Do you feel like the dream is encouraging or warning? What is your hunch when you relax, close your eyes and recall the dream / premonition experiences. Do you think it is literal or more of a spirit message?

If you need more guidance or clarification, creative visualization would be far greater help than a card reading. Guided imagery would build on what the dream started. The book by Shakti Gawain on Creative Visualization is a good place to start there. I'm writing a book along simpler lines - nothing to his level of expertise, more like helpful hints - called "Moonlight and Silver". If you follow my blog at http://www.modernoracletarot.com you'll be in the first batch of people to know when it's released. If the Shakti Gawain book doesn't help, contact me on the website and I can give you a simplified meditation to do that might help.

Make sense?

Either way, good luck and best wishes!  

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