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Dear Ronda, my question is that what could be the best job for me, what am I talented in, in what job could I be succesfull? Thank you very much, Veronika.

Hi Veronika

Tarot is a wonderful source of guidance, so are psychic readings, but they aren't the right thing for every question. In your case, I really think logic and practicality would serve your needs better. It would be lazy and wrong to just grab a random card and put this off on a reading for you.

The truth is, only YOU can answer this question. Let me get you started with three key points to consider:

First, and most importantly, what do you WANT to do? Desire is the key skill for any job or profession. What do you ENJOY? When you ask about what you are talented at doing...you give your talent away to other people's judgement. You can never be happy or successful doing that. You have to decide what you want. You have to decide what makes you happy. You have to decide what is success...and that doesn't always come from how much money you have in your bank account. Work is just one part of life. Keep it in perspective, keep the big picture in mind as you decide what to do.

Second, how do you apply that thing you enjoy to making enough money to support yourself (or family as the case may be). Take art for example. They don't call them "starving artists" without reason. It is very, very rare and difficult to earn a living exclusively as an artist. It CAN happen, but the odds are stacked against it. But that doesn't mean you can't combine a passion for art (or whatever it is for you) and a paying job. A painter or sculpter might take a job as a graphic designer, or in advertising, or in a factory painting plates or SOME "day job" that touches their love while they work on their 'fine art' projects in their off hours.

Third is to see what resources you have in hand: what kind of training would it take to do the job you love? Do you have access to the education or training that you need, or start-up resources to create your dream business? How can you do the best you can with what you have?

One of the best tools for figuring this out is a good old fashioned journal.

Whether you do it with a computer or with pen and paper doesn't matter. That you write does matter. Don't worry about spelling or grammar or any of that...this is about finding and working through IDEAS.

Start with what you love. If you could do ANY thing in the world...if money, education, market, resources etc were not a problem...if you could do ANY thing, under ANY circumstances, to heck with what other people think (remember this is YOUR journal...other people's opinion doesn't matter, and isn't something you can control anyway)...what would you do?

Write about your dream LIFE...not just dream job...what do you want life to be like 2, 5, 10 years from now? What role does work and career play in that long-term vision? Is it a big part of who you are, or is it just how you finance the rest of it?

If you don't care about work so much in the grand vision, then any old way of earning a paycheck may be good enough, especially if you don't need much...and that is OK. Achievement and success is measured by you, not by other people. What would make you happy with yourself and with your life?

Write it. Write it in your journal...that will do two things. It will help you clear things up in your own mind. Going through the process of actually putting it into written words will help you organize your thoughts, discover what you want, and maybe even draw it into your life.

Good luck!  

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