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My name is Keishia and my date of birth is June 6, 1992. I would like a general reading, thank you.

Hi Keishia

My intuition is that a pathway reading is best here: lessons from the past that can help you now, thoughts to help you understand now, and ideas for your next best step forward.

Past: Ace of Wands
Now: Ten of Wands
Next Step: Five of Wands

General pattern: The obvious thing to pay attention to is that all three cards are from the suite of wands. Wands symbolize the element of fire, and your relationship with yourself...in essence perceptions, philosophy, spirituality, personal growth. This is clearly a good time for you to embrace any of those things that you feel drawn to follow...even if takes some courage, some change, some trips way outside of your comfort zone...now is the time to do that kind of exploring with good result.

Past: Ace of Wands is creation and creativity. The feeling here is "pulling a rabbit out of your hat". The single wand on the ace is reminiscent of a magicians wand doing just that...and it is all about creativity. It is a little like one of those science challenges where you are given random objects and use them to solve some specific problem. Creative problem solving is the key now, too. It feels like you may have done this in the past without really calling it that...pull a solution out of your back pocket, jerry rig something..."MacGiver" it or duct tape something. Do you remember how that kind of thinking or last minute rescuing feels? You may need to do that again...and it is ok - a good skill to have.

Now: ten of wands is sometimes read as "selflessness"...but the feeling here is less sacrificing things you want, not so much throwing yourself on a grenade...it isn't even 'take one for the team'...it is BE on a team...it is a reminder and advice to be a team player, even if that isn't your usual style. Instead of pulling a solution out of your back pocket at the last minuter for yourself...use those skill for the team, be it school, family, work - what have you.

Next step: Five of Wands. This is read as "confusion"...not saying you are confused, but about dealing with confusion as it comes along. It is a common thing, really. When you start growing, exploring, trying out new ideas...especially in the realm of spirituality, or even just growing up...as you move out of the known into the new, it can feel like your compass is spinning and you are losing the way. The trick is finding out what your real root is, OR by experimenting you learn for sure that the spiritual path you were always on way the right one for you all along. Sometimes you have to deliberately choose - and my hunch that is what this card is asking of you. Choose a new way that is "the real you" OR choose to return to the start point. But if you choose to stay with what you've always done (?the religion you were born into??) at least do it the honor of choosing it, not just defaulting to it without any real consideration. The idea of CHOOSE and be DELIBERATE about your choice comes through here as a strong piece of advice. It isn't the outcome of the decision ...the important is that you make a decision at all. Give whatever it is some thought, not just wander through life in a fog...make real thoughtful decisions about your beliefs, spirituality, philosophy, and you can set your life on a better path...the right path for you as an individual, not just what everyone else does, or what everyone else might think is right for you.

Summary / Cold Reading: The Pope / Hierophant card and the high priestess cards come to mind also. It feels like something you should research. Tarot readings don't often come with homework, but yours does. Read a little on your own about the cards in your reading and these too as well. You'll remember it, you'll feel it, you'll believe it better that way. The insights you bring are more important than what someone else says, anyway. If you think it means __________ then it does, no matter what the psychic or website says. Your intuition takes precedence, and there is no better way to experience that then reading for yourself.

And there the energy steps back.

Hope that helps a little

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