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hi I would like a general reading please birthday 5/12/1974

The three card pathway is one of my personal favorites for readings like this, so let's start there.

Lessons from the past that can help now: The Magician (reversed)
Understanding Now: Strength
Next step forward:4 of swords

General pattern: Starting off with two major arcana cards, that hints at a time of change and learning going through life right now. Whether there are any specific stresses or not, think of it as a little push from spirit to even get the reading, even if it is just to see if you are headed in the right direction. This is a good time for thinking about those big-picture, philosophical kinds of things. I also have a hunch you are being nudged toward doing a little long-term thinking and planning. My sense is that you ducks are in a row for the time being, so now is the perfect time to plant seeds for the future (in keeping with springtime), to make long term plans and lay the foundation...think about which direction you want to go, make those decisions so you can take the first steps. Be a proactive planner right now...not passively wondering what directions things are headed, if that makes sense. The phrase "seize the day" comes to mind here.

Lessons from the past: The Magician has to do with things like spiritual attraction, manifestation and transformation. I don't read much of anything into upside down cards, but I do get a sense that the lesson from the past it to pay more attention to these things now than you have in the past. The feeling is that you have been passive in the past, and this card is asking you to do it differently, learn from that passiveness and try a more active tact this time...create a clear vision for your future from here - you've got lots of life left to live. You can still learn to manifest and attract the things you want and need. You can still find and learn the magic in life.

Now: Strength. Sometimes instead of giving advice, a card will serve to highlight, boldface and underline another card. I get the feeling that is what this card is doing...it is emphasizing the Magician's message, and giving you fair warning that it might take some strength to do what is being asked. People might be surprised at you taking the reins of your spiritual life, but you can and should be strong and stand up for what you need to be strong. Taking care of your spiritual life gives you the strength you need to take care of others, do the things you do for other people. Just like you can't work and do the physical things you need to do if you don't eat and sleep properly, you can't be attentive and present and engaged with others if you don't feed your own soul too. The image that comes here is of going to a yoga class, or taking time to meditate...something maybe a little magick-y or new age-y that you love but others might resist or at least find a little surprising. I 'hear' "GO FORWARD IN DIGNITY". I leave that with you to understand.

Next step: swords have to do with society and authority. The 4 is sometimes interpreted as "yielding" but the feeling here is more like "go with the flow" and "be flexible" As you do your planning, you might be surprised to find that your goals and plans are very different now than they used to be. "don't be married to old plans and visions" comes through here. Learn to manifest and attract, yes, but have the strength to change to a better vision rather than slavishly follow through on old, non-viable plans from the past.

Cold Reading / Summary: Here is some internet homework for you...there is a song from I think the 90s that is strongly coming to mind. It wasn't a hit...kind of obscure really. But I think it has something to do with your reading. It's "Lords of the New Church" by Tasmin Archer, on the same album as her one hit "Sleeping Satellite". I'm guessing it's on youtube or your can google it. I know at your age, the issue of religion is usually settled, but the sense I get is you may be entering a stage of life that is more liberated than before. Things you may have back-burnered in order to do other things can have your attention again. Things that you may have "kept under your hat when the kids were little" can be brought out now to show the "real you", if that makes any sense...the things in quotes is intuition that comes through as words instead of images.

I see the color aqua / turquoise, and a quartz crystal point. I don't know why...but Sedona Arizona pops to mind. Images of desert, aged wood shacks, cactus...very southwest looking image.

And there the energy steps back.

Hope that helps a little

Good luck and best wishes!



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