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Hi, this is Danielle; dob is 4/3/84. I'd like for you to read for me a general reading. Ty for your time! :)

Hi Danielle

You are in good company...the trend lately has been for general readings and I've been getting good results with the three card pathway reading...so will include you in that pattern. Your cards today are:

Lessons from the Past: 2 of Coins
Understanding Now: 7 of Coins
Next Step Forward: Knight of Cups

General Pattern: There is a very light, happy energy here over all. It has a positive feel. All cards are minor arcana which underlines the feeling of "even" and "usual"...no lights sirens, warnings, or even strong advice. Feels calm, like a sunset in a way. Even though 2 of the 3 are coins, I don't get a sense it has to do with physical realm, career or work. It feels more like the older elemental meanings for the cards...earth for coins and water for cups. Very grounded and earthy...in fact here, I see the color green like grass and forest, and the color brown, like the forest floor.

Lessons From the Past: the 2 of Coins has to do with balance. Messages from the cards can have a variety or connotations (sometimes I call them flavors' of meaning). Here it is very much validation. The card is asking you to remember times in the past when you may have felt yourself getting out of balance, when things were slipping to far one direction or another, but you caught on and brought yourself back to the middle. You were able to FEEL yourself starting to slip, and was able to root and ground and get your balance. You are being congratulated for doing that, and being asked to continue. The advice is to look out for that feeling of slipping out of balance and to re-balance and ground sooner rather than later. "It is easier to put out a small fire than a big one" in other words.

Understanding Now: This card connects to the last on in more than just suite. This card symbolizes "you reap what you sow". In this case, the balance, awareness, thoughtfulness, introspection, meditation, balance, grounding and centering you've shown in the past is what has laid the groundwork for the good path you are on now. Keep up the good work...keep planting good seeds for future harvests.

Next step forward: Knight of Cups. All cups have to do with daring, courage, action. In the suite of cups in particular it has to do with the idea of "enough"...I always associate it with that line from Mary Poppins "enough is as good as a feast"...there is nothing to be gained from excess. In your case it is again talking about balance, center, avoiding excess that could un-balance things for you.

Usually I put a cold reading style summary here, but for you the energy steps back there, with a feeling of "it's all good"  

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