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Hi my name is Arquita Lawson DOB November 7, 1988. I would like a general reading please (:

Hi Arquita

Lately for general readings, I've been steered toward three card pathway readings - and one thing I've learned over the past 20 years is to listen to those kinds of intuitive nudges. So let's start there...

Lessons from the Past: Ace of Wands (creation)
Understanding Now: Three of Swords (corruption)
Next Step Forward: 10 of Swords

General pattern: the good news is they are all minor arcana, so no lights or sirens. It doesn't have a worried or troublesome feel, not red lights and sirens by any means, but it feels like a combination of cautioning and advice...sort of a friendly heads up feel. Swords dominate, which usually has to do with your relationship with authority, or with society and culture at large. In this case I want to relate it to work more than anything else. I don't get any sense of romance, private life, personal growth or anything like that. This has a very nuts and bolts, deal with office politics kind of feel to it.

Lessons from the Past: Wands is the exception...they represent your inner world. In this card in particular it has to do with "creation" which in this case is part 'create your own destiny' and part 'think creatively'...out of the box problem solving will be your friend. Being in this position, think of times in the past when you've been called on to think on your feet, roll with it, be 'out of the box'...if you can't think of a time like that, then think of times when, in hindsight, you SHOULD have done that...so you can do things differently next time around.

Understanding Now: I hear 'corrupt environment'...it isn't that any particular one person is out to get you specifically, but it feels like a work "culture" that fosters dishonesty, a 'sharks in the water' kind of environment. Watch your back and be careful to avoid bad situations...don't let yourself get caught in anyone's crosshairs...or caught in other people's crossfire, either one.

Next step: Rather than predicting doom, as old fashioned readings might put this card...I see it as advice, pure and simple. It is suggesting you have a "plan B"...maybe even C and D too. Yes the card is traditionally associated with defeat, in a more modern context it is more like "bad stuff happens in the real world...NOW what are you going to do?" What are you going to do when (not if) life gives you a challenge? What do you need to do to rise to the occasion and overcome the adversity?

Summary: Be creative, think outside the box, do what you need to do to be able to think fast on your feet. You may need to be quick and decisive at some point. Watch our for yourself, and take care to not get caught up in other people's conflict. Don't let people make you an easy scapegoat. If / when bad things happen, have a plan B, use that 'think on your feet' skill that you developed to avoid problems and to solve them creatively if they do come along.

Hope that helps


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