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We had fights many times in past and my husband left me and went then after lots of apologies he would come back after days. I have a daughter 5 months old. Mam, will he talk to me? Or this relationship is heading to divorce.
Its already been 10 days since we talked and this time he is abroad for work, not sure when he is coming back.
Mine: Anjani 1982
My husband: Amit 1978

Hello Anjani, thanks for contacting me with your question - before commencing this tarot reading, I feel it's beneficial to mention that I see the tarot as pictures with what's happening with your life. Ultimately whatever I see, the decision is in your hands as the tarot simply gives guidance that will resonate with how you are feeling.

Deck: Rider-Waite tarot
Tarot card: Normally I would just pull one card, for you I'm using a Celtic Cross spread which has 10 tarot cards.

As I connect to your energies, I can see that this relationship is just simply balancing out energies, as you said Anjani this is not the first fight, so you both need space from each other to see if you care about the other, being in a relationship is not about dominating each other but loving and taking care of the other, by having fights, this is not understood to be the case. So now the energies are just being balanced but in a very slow way, so it will be a while before anything constructive is seen. So you have to be patient, focus on self love, loving your daughter. The cards are showing me that both Amit and you Anjani are true lovers connected to each other through past lives and have a new love for each other, it feels like this relationship is new even though you do have a daughter together - and this newness calls for a period of adjustment to prepare way for the harmony.... for example, in something like gardening, before new seedlings are planted, one has to burn the old plants and use the ashes are fertilizer... it might seem painful in the way of fights, disharmony... but as long as it's non-violent and harmony enters back in... then it should be okay right? =) The next few weeks and even months, show that you both have these fights, it's like you're addicted to creating disharmony because with one/both of you, there are fears - you can change this, by loving yourself and Amit loving himself, only then can you both see the love in each other, because you'd both be radiating love from within each other...

Okay, so the issue now Anjani is that you wish to communicate with each other, but there's so much fear within each other now... sort these fears out, lay the cards out on the table withouth pointing fingers at each other, remember how connected through the soul you both are... there is no need for petty Ego arguments.... Consciously make a decision to love each other... don't expect these fights as the normality, having a 5-month old is not easy especially in a new relationship, take the time to go out on dates.. spend time with each other, maintain the relationship... see yourselves as young rose buds in a garden, you need love care and attention... too much sunshine, too much harsh winds and rain can prevent the roses from blooming.. Your Amit is a working man who wishes to keep his family thriving, respect his work... he's doing it for you and your daughter also. No doubt there are stresses within his job, bear in mind your soul connection... and make an effort to keep the peace and harmony (as long as you're both loving to each other, and burning out the weeds). Be confident Anjani in how attractive you appear to your Amit, and trust that he will not stray especially since you haven't talked for those 10 days... if you allow mistrust to enter, then it's simply fears within yourself of not being good enough. Amit I can see is just working... I can see that Amit loves you so deeply, that words cannot even begin to express this love. But remember all relationships, even this soul-connected one, needs time and space to grow...

I hope this gives you the peace you're searching for, and wish you all the best on your path in being the love. Bright blessings.

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