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Hello and thanks for your service.

This past semester,  I lived down the hall from a guy named Tim.  The first time I saw him, I was instantly attracted.

Months went by and friends and I noticed how often Tim would look at me. He would look at me and not say anything until one day, he asked if a piece of laundry was mine.

I decided to get to the end of his staring by writing him a note and slipping it under his door since we barely saw each other.  

Tim messaged me about the note and thanked me for it, but he said that he was talking to someone else. I then asked him why he stared, and he defensively denied it.

My question for the cards is: What do I need to know about this situation?

My bday is May 3,1994 and Tim's is October 21,1994.

Hi Jordan

Your card for today is the Page of Cups. This card has to do with "dealing with demons, knowing what is on the inside, mirroring, learning the mysteries within".

Have you ever heard of the psychological term "projection"? It is where something in the world acts like a mirror to shine back what is actually just within ourselves. This situation is simply shining back your interest in Tim rather than suggesting any interest on his part or any real defensiveness in his note.

This card can hint at that lesson of "what you give to the world comes back to you threefold". You are at a decision point of what you are about to give out into the world. You can either fixate on this and give out a 'poor me' and 'rejection' vibe that can circle back to you...OR you can put out a vibe of respect (for Tim's answer - and for yourself), an energy of willingness to adapt and learn by taking his answer at face value and letting it go...which can circle back to you in the form of a more real, more mature kind of connection with someone else rather than this high-school kid-stuff note writing and "staring" thing with Tim. You are what 20? 21? It's time to play hard ball with the big boys and TALK to people, have real conversations, take people at their word, meet people on a real head to head, heart to heart level and move on from staring and notes. That's the "dealing with demons" part of the cards meaning....letting go of old things and moving on to new ways.

Sorry, but my sense of it is to let it go and move on to real conversations, real interactions and connections...not just stares, looks and implications.

I know that probably isn't what you were hoping to hear, but that's the honest read of it from the cards. In a question this focused, pulling more cards or doing more readings fishing for the answer you want isn't going to help. Been there, done that, trust me - it just digs you in deeper, making tough lessons harder to learn.

If you want some free daily meditation readings in your inbox, in the hope that you might find some more ideas about this, you are welcome to subscribe to the free blog on my website at http:www.modernoracletarot.com.

Good luck with everything


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