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  I have been in an almost non-existent,difficult relationship with this man for so long.I am still in love with him,though he has broken up with me.
Now my family likes this other man and wants me to marry him (its will be an arranged marriage ofcourse).It will happen in June,if I stick to my decision.
My question is regarding my ex lover,will we get back together in next month?
I am asking this because if there's no hope of reconciliation,I should prepare myself for that arranged marriage.
My name,Gohar
dob 12 march 1985
my ex,Bilal
dob 14 feb 1979

Hello Gohar, thanks for contacting me with your question - disclaimer, I see tarot as pictures in relation to events in your life. No matter what I see, the decision is your responsibility as the tarot simply gives guidance that might resonate with how you are feeling

Deck: Rider-Waite tarot

This is indeed a tricky situation, and I can feel the love Bilal has for you is immense and cannot be defined in words, likewise he knows you love him. But this intense love has created an intense fear within him and he's just being plainly rude to you Gohar - it's up to you to choose whether you wish to wait for him, or progress on with your life.

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