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Am I goin to be single all my life? I have been trying to be positive and hopeful for a long time about this but now it feels like I am lying to myself. So I just want to know. Thanks. Gender:female.DOB 18/3/89.

Hello Kaveri, thanks for contacting me with your question - before commencing this tarot reading, I feel it's beneficial to mention that I see the tarot as pictures with what's happening with your life. Ultimately whatever I see, the decision is in your hands as the tarot simply gives guidance that will resonate with how you are feeling.

Deck: Rider-Waite tarot

Tarot card: The Lovers - never give up on love Kaveri, I feel you will be in a long-term stable relationship with your soul mate, you will get to choose who he is because your heart will KNOW. I feel the Angels of Love will lead you both together at Divine timing. I feel he's more focused on his career at the moment, and hasn't started searching for you. So chin up, focus on loving yourself and know you will both find each other. Blessings to you on your journey.  

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