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Hello, and thank you graciously for your time! My information is as follows:

Shariya / 1985

Do the cards hint at anything significant going on in my life in the present/near future?

(Significant in regards to change. I know this is an offer for I question, and I dont mean for it to be too broad--therefore ONE instance is fine, and greatly appreciated)

Hello Shariya, thanks for contacting me with your question - before commencing this tarot reading, I feel it's beneficial to mention that I see the tarot as pictures with what's happening with your life. Ultimately whatever I see, the decision is in your hands as the tarot simply gives guidance that will resonate with how you are feeling.

Deck: Rider-Waite tarot

Tarot card: 8 of Wands - things can pick up speed, can change in your life, but clearly you have many responsibilities on your shoulder, make time to prioritize and create the changes you wish to see in your life, rather than waiting for Fate to do it all for you. Blessings to you on your journey of self-discovery.  

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ONE Tarot card drawn for you - I connect to your energies in the subconscious realm, my spirit guides will give you a brief answer.

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