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Hi, my name is aria and I am looking to find answers in a past connection with an ex. I believe that I am in love with him and I feel as if he has a connection with me but doesn't know how to express it. Although I could be very wrong and he doesn't want to be with me period. My birthday is march 15, 1990 and his is July 11, 1989. I guess my questions are will we get back together..?

Hello Aria, thanks for contacting me with your question - disclaimer, I see tarot as pictures in relation to events in your life. No matter what I see, the decision is your responsibility as the tarot simply gives guidance that might resonate with how you are feeling

Deck: Rider-Waite tarot

Tarot card: Strength - One or both of you are experiencing an inner struggle, how to be strong without the other. Life is a journey, you cannot find solutions to answers before you start on this journey, you have to be strong within who you are first before love can find you. The tarots are saying to step back and reflect on what is truly important to you - just pick one - and then look at what your factors in your life are in accordance to this important goal. Are they blending together? Then your goal will be more achievable. It's only through focus that you can find a way through any difficult situation.  

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