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thank you for your time and energy in taking my question.what do you see for me?

I am self supporting currently unemployed. I am in the dental field and want to work at a dental school in my area. I have applied to and interviewed for a couple positions there but have not gotten the job.

what do i need to do to get hired at this university?? any insight will be heartfelt...thanks and god bless...nancy 2/16/56

Hi Nancy.

My apologies for the delay. There was a computer glitch at allexperts and it allowed questions while I was supposed to be on vacation.

I understand your situation, and having been there in the past myself, I understand how stressful it is for you.

Before even drawing a card, the words "options" and "perspective" strongly, intuitively came to mind.

Why so focused on the university? Why not look for another position...any position...to support yourself and remove that element of stress while you continue to try to get in at the university.

As for what you need to do to get in at the university? That is a question for logic, not tarot. Is there any reason now that the job is no longer open and you are no longer a candidate...is there any reason not to approach the interviewers for feedback about why you were not the choice to fill the position? Is there anyone who works at the university already who give you insider hints from a real-world perspective, not a tarot one?

To be honest, my hunch is that you are being turned down not because of anything you do or any lack of qualifications, but maybe the universe is giving you a big hint to stop focusing on just working there...maybe that isn't the right place for you. I see it as shadowed...the less probable path. In my minds eye I see you in a bright, light, happy private practice sort of setting.

Why don't you want to work somewhere else? Maybe that reluctance has something to teach you...showing you things you need to learn or change. Or is this focus on the university / reluctance to work elsewhere telling you something about your career choices & career path? Repeated "no" is trying to tell you something...either that is the wrong path for you & you have a higher purpose to serve elsewhere, or it trying to nudge you to grow in some way or another.

In any case your Tarot advice would be the 2 of Swords, perspective and choices, and to have a more open frame of mind about your options.

Good luck in your job search!


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