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Could you tell me what the cards says about a potential mate from my job. I dont want to make our info public im sorry. But my bday is november. I like him and he likes me but i really want to know the outcome.

Hi Sam

I know this is a very important emotionally charged question, but we really need to take a minute and re-frame this.

The notion that Tarot or psychic readings can predict the outcome of anything is just pure fiction. Absolute made up movie and TV stuff. Predicting the outcome of a relationships is straight up impossible. Period.

Add to that the fact that this involves another person who doesn't know about this reading and didn't consent to it. I won't read about other people ... just you. Look at it from his point of view. Would you want some stranger from the internet rummaging around in your energy, your thoughts, your deep emotions...and then spilling the beans to someone who you may or may not be involved with?  Would you want that done to you behind your back and without your permission? I doubt it...so why would we even think of doing that to this person you say you care about? Is that a loving, compassionate thing to do? So no, we won't go there.

How things go between the two of you is up to the two of you to decide. It all depends on what you do, say (or not) AND what he does & says (or not). You control your future. You can't make him love you, and you can't control what HE will do, BUT you CAN control YOU....you can control what you say & do. You can control how you react to situations. That much can and will guide how the future unfolds for you.

The best that Tarot can offer is food for thought. It can give you ideas about what might be the loving highest and best path for you to take. Not what you want or expect, maybe, but ideas of the best direction to start. For that, in this kind of situation, a one-card meditation is best.

Your card for today is: The Queen of Wands

Wands signifies the inner world: philosophy, spirituality, personal growth
Queen signifies the female archetype...not gender. It symbolizes calm, introspection, attraction

The traditional meaning of the card is nurturing

So be thoughtful toward him. Be considerate and caring toward him. Don't be too aggressive. Thoughtful romantic gestures would be a better way to go. SHOW you care in little ways, being kind to yourself in the process. Be kind to your heart and your true self. Don't heap expectations on this situation. Don't expect it to be a grand romance. Don't put unrealistic expectations on this or build it up in your mind. See things as they are, and then be kind, nurturing, mature, reasonable, loving and compassionate toward BOTH of you. A Queen is in charge, and that aspect of the card is important here too. A queen isn't dependent on other people for her happiness. Live with authenticity, not neediness in any way. I get a sense this other guy might be put off by neediness, and touched by kindness.

Best wishes to both of you.

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