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Hi, and thank you so much for offering a free question. I am truly grateful! My name is Alyson and my DOB is 3/26/72. My question involves my ex boyfriend Stephen with a DOB of 5/19/81. Can you please give me any insight on my future love life and if he is in it? Please and thank you for your time. Alyson

Hi Alyson!

The question form says you are in Texas. Love the food there...brisket, huevos rancheros, Buc-ee's beaver nuggets. Just sayin'.

But to the reading...let's start with Stephen - and a reality check.

Tarot can not predict the future,or tell what other people think,feel or will do. If anyone claims it can do any of that...buyer beware.

Especially when it comes to Stephen. Look at it from his side. How would YOU feel if your ex asked some stranger from the internet to look at your most private thoughts and feelings and tell them how you felt about them or if you would ever want to be with them again. It is a monumental violation. Even it were possible to do, I wouldn't.

From a practical, non-intuition point of view...again, reality check. There are reasons you two broke up. There are reasons why Stephen is your EX boyfriend. What has changed from the situation that caused the breakup? What reasonable expectation do you have that things won't get back to the breakup point again? "past is prologue...previous behavior is a good predictor of future behavior". People change, true enough, but that is 100% by them for them...relationships don't factor into personal change. It isn't healthy to go into a relationship wanting or expecting change from someone. A healthy relationship loves the person for who they are as-is, right now, faults and all.

What Tarot CAN do is give you is ideas how to move forward NOT KNOWING if he is part of it or not. LOL...the mental image here is the big Elsa scene from that kids movie...LET IT GO. So after that big speech about no predictions, it seems the advice from the cosmos is to let it go and move on to something better.

So, let's take that as a big hint and do a one card focused meditation about how to do just exactly that. Let's pull a card to get some idea how you can let it go and move toward a happy, fulfilling GOOD relationship that is the highest and best for you and for the guy involved.

The card that turns up is the King of Coins

It symbolizes trust...who are you going to trust with the treasure? The treasure in this case being your love. Who are you going to trust with your heart. The first person is YOU. The advice there being look to your self esteem. Take care not to throw yourself at a relationship just to be in a relationship. I know the south still tends to be a bit traditional, and you may get flak from friends and family if you are on your own or - gasp - WANT or LIKE being on your own. It takes guts...but that is where the king part of the card comes in. A king doesn't take nothing from nobody...and neither should you when it comes to something as important as this. Your heart is your absolute kingdom. Who you love and how is totally up to you. It is ok, even at your age, to wait, watch and give your love carefully, genuinely. I 'hear' "don't be a flirt". Don't play at this. Only be with the kind of relationship you genuinely care about.

Of course the hardest lesson of all in this is to respect the other person. A king, like in the king of coins card, doesn't live entirely for himself. He lives as a leader and takes responsibility for others. How that applies to relationships is very much like we were talking about earlier, and how Stephen has no part of the reading. Even for a king, respect must be earned and that process begins when respect is given. Love and respect yourself, who you really are, then in turn love and respect the other person. In the end that will lead to the best possible relationship for you both. A good love life begins with nothing less than love itself.

lol...there the mental image goes back to the Elsa scene as a reminder to be happy and lighthearted too. That is more important than you might think. A sense of humor is sexy to many guys. You go girl!

And there the energy steps back with nothing more to offer.

I hope that helps...

Best Wishes


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