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Hi Ronda, hope you a wonderful weekend! My name is Rachel, female obviously. My DOB is: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 am, Israel, Tel Aviv. I'd like you to consult with you regarding my love life, when do you think am I likely to have a long term and a serious relationship? Your help is highly appreciated!

I'm sure you read my profile (thank you for choosing me) so you know that Tarot can not predict if or when you will have a relationship.

You know what you want, which is the biggest thing.

The best thing in this case is a one-card focused reading to give you an idea about how to get on the path to that relationship...NOT predict the if and when.

Your card today is the STRENGTH card from the major arcana. Being a major card is significant. Minor cards outnumber the major 4 to 1 in the Tarot deck, so this is a way of acknowledging this is an important issue, acknowledging your feelings about it, validating the thought and energy you are giving to the question.

Strength card means just that...strength of character and integrity.

The advice for you is to be strong, focus on living life right here right now...that kind of self-assured, happy, engaged, active kind of lifestyle will be very attractive to your life mate. Be your fullest, truest, happiest self, right here, right now...that will be attractive to the person you seek.

There is a sense of career right now too...you might want to focus on that and let the relationship part take care of itself. There is nothing you can really DO anyway. That's why they talk about "attracting" your soulmate. These things unfold in their own time. The other person may need time to be ready for you, too.

Don't focus on finding a mate, focus on here and now. "Pining away" or focusing on the lack or mising of mate will be a put-off to the very person you want to attract. For the kind of relationship you describe...be YOU. Fully. Happily. Here. Now.

Are you getting family or social pressure to be in a relationship sooner rather than later? It takes strength and courage to take a different path than everyone keeps pushing you to take...but I get the feeling following your own path, being true to yourself, following a path that deep-down you know is right for you...THAT will take you closer to your life-mate quicker than anything else. Don't be desperate in other words. Happy, content, and strong will be the attractant you want.

I hope that helps

Best Wishes

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