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Hello. My name is Debra 9/28/82 and husband Danny 11/18/79. My husband revealed he wants to separate from me after 15 years. I am not sure how to take this. Is it a phase? Is it real? I need guidance, I feel lost.

Thank you.

Hello Debra, thanks for contacting me with your question - disclaimer, I see tarot as pictures in relation to events in your life. No matter what I see, the decision is your responsibility as the tarot simply gives guidance that might resonate with how you are feeling

Deck: Rider-Waite tarot

Tarot card: Page of Pentacles - The cards are saying something like Danny is just bored in this relationship with you, like something is missing and it's just been dragging on for years without any spark of life. Maybe you both have sound material comforts, like a home perfect but still there's something knawing in his mind about how bored he is with all this. So he's announced to you his plans, which he's been thinking about for some time... it's not a sudden decision. Blessings to you on your journey of self-love.  

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