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Hello Ronda, the career field I would like to enter is the creative field like an artist, music, or something like that. I would like to know if I am on the right path? My birthdate Sept. 07.84.Thank you

Hello Karim

My best hunch is a yes/no reading is the way to go with this. I get a sense of passion and enthusiasm for a creative career path, which is its own answer. "Find a job you love and you'll never work another day" as they say. Happiness and satisfaction with your job irregardless of wealth is is far more valuable. What price can you put on a happy life? If being in a creative field makes you happy...that's your answer, right there. Happiness is never a wrong path, don't you think?

You cards are:

Things working for you: Ace of Swords
Things working against you: 5 of Swords
Lesson: Ace of Wands

Question asked: "Is creativity the right career path for Karim"

Answer: 2 aces = yes

The ace of swords symbolizes "awakening"...you are going to learn much about yourself down this path. You will learn as much about your inner character taking this path as you do about your craft. I 'hear' "it is good to start" meaning that you have to start down this path in order to gain some much needed focus. It isn't enough to just want to be "creative" what among the creative fields fuels your soul? Even though most of them tend to be multi-skilled, there is one animating field that fuels the creative person's passion, not creativity in general. The musician lives for music, the artist lives to make things, writers are compelled to write...what is it that you can't not do? What is it you must live, must express...that is your path within creativity. It may take some time to find, but that is what you are aiming for.

The 5 of Swords means don't be impulsive. Put a little thought into it. Even creative fields have their pragmatic side. Rock bands have to track expenses, book gigs, AND write and perform and all that. Don't forget the practical. You may have a tendency to do that, or maybe you are looking at the "creative" field as a way out of that. You are being cautioned against implulse and impracticality. Don't forget the business side of creative careers. Don't be too impulsive. Creative, yes, but practical too. What if you don't make enough money to pay the bills in the creative field, then what? Will you give up or work through or make compromises that allow you to have both creativity and food on the table...see what this card is getting at?

Ace of Wands symbolizes a flash of insight, inspiration. I see this as a hint that you will be able to make the needed choices - be able to FOCUS on just exactly which creativity is right for you, where your real talent lies...but also to see the practical side. My hunch is that the exact right path will come to you in a flash, but you have to open to it. You have to be thinking in those terms 1. What EXACTLY do you want to do that is creativity...find your craft, your skill, your exact passion and 2. Find a way to take care of the practical stuff too.

Good luck!  

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