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Dear Baihu,
My name is Ayesha Sohail and DOB is 15th April, 1991.
I want to get a general reading about my love life. As you do not do predictions, i would like to get an advice over my love life, because im currently in a relationship and that guy is hesitant in marrying because he says he has some property and cultural issues. He wants me to wait, which i can, because i really love him and cant think of any other person.
Thank YOu for taking time out to answer my question.

Hello Ayesha

Let's do this. Since you have a clear idea and focus about the advice you want, let's do a three card pathway reading and think of it as the "path to love" ... how does that sound?

Your cards today are:

Lessons from the past: king of wands
understanding now: five of cups
next step forward: page of cups

General Patter: no surprise that two of the three cards are from the suite of cups. That is the suite most associated with love, marriage, romance, family....those kinds of very closest relationships. The good news is that all three cards are minor arcana. I would take that as a reassurance that all will be well in the end. It may feel stressful now, but when you look back at this time from the future, there is a good chance that you'll see that it was all ok after all.

Lessons from the past is the King of Wands. This represents past experiences and lessons that can help you now. The king of wands symbolizes leadership. Is there any place in this relationship where you can be more of a leader? If not a leader, is there any place where you can assert yourself, and make your needs and wishes know? Have you told your boyfriend what you want, need and expect from the relationship. Does he know that you've heard and understand his concerns. Does he know what the limits of your patience and waiting might be? Do YOU know what the limits are? This card is a clue to let him know exactly what you need for the relationship to continue. Yes, you'll wait, but for how long and under what conditions? Be clear about that with yourself, then communicate that clearly and kindly to him.

Understanding now: Five of Cups While the traditional meaning is "painful loss", the meaning here feels different. It feels like advice to you to realistically understand the the risks and difficulties facing your relationship right now. Don't kid yourself, the differences between the two of you in your hopes and goals for the relationship is a sign of problems. That doesn't mean you can't work it out, but it does mean that it shouldn't be taken seriously either. You want to marry, he doesn't. You are willing to wait, which moves toward what he needs, but is he willing to consider marriage and move your direction at all? Is he willing to work with you at all? What of your needs...or is this all about him? What will you do if things drag on and the relationship doesn't progress? Are there compromises to be made to make this work out for the both of you, or is waiting for him just delaying the inevitable? These are all hard, painful things to think about...hence the pain of the card...but it is realistic. "It may be painful, but you need to be honest with yourself and with him about what you need for the relationship to survive." is the essential message of the card.

Next step forward: The page of cups symbolizes dealing with past issues. It sounds like he has past issues in abundance...so I'm not sure if this card is validating the fact that you are dealing with his old baggage or if it is talking about you alone. Is there any old relationship fears or worries that could be coloring how you are looking at this? Is there some fear of being alone that is making you more desperate to salvage the relationship just for the sake of being with someone...or do you really love this guy so much you are willing to let yourself be lower on his list of priorities than all that other stuff you listed that is on his mind? If you really are in a potential marriage relationship, shouldn't you be higher in his eyes than PROPERTY? If you aren't as important to him as he is to you, then the relationship sounds like it is on shaky ground...be careful, make good choices, take good care of yourself.

And there the energies step back

Best wishes to you! I hope it all works out.  

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