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Hello Rhonda. I am a 27 year old woman. Can you do a general reading for me? To give you some background about my life right now, I work for an IT company with an average salary. Along side my job I am also doing an MBA. So both work and studies are not going great but fine as of now. The only area lacking is my love life right now which is really not going anywhere. Also I wish to go abroad and travel someday. I wish to move out of my parent's home but I am not able to leave my mom as she is getting old. So there are many things I want to do but I am not able to do it right. Can you tell me if I am on the right life path? What does a reading say?

Hello Preeti

Good for you! That's wonderful about the MBA! I don't know if this is intuition or your question brings out my maternal side, but my reflex response to you is the same advice I've always given my daughter..."one thing at a time, in the right order, first things first". You have lots of irons in the fire already, to throw another idiom at you. My instinct is that the reason that school and work might be only 'ok' rather than what you want is twofold...

I get a little sense that you are being a bit hard on yourself. "Fine" for you is probably going gangbusters for everyone else.

The other thing is stress management. I'm drawing a little from my degree in Natural Health here...I'll get to the cards in just a moment. Classically, people who tend to see everything as equally pressing, and of equal priority tend to be the most stress-vulnerable. You have a lot that you want to do, but it all doesn't have to be done right this same second, and it all doesn't have to be done to perfection. Prioritizing is key in your situation. Which reminds me of something else I'd tell my daughter when she was little...no doesn't have to mean never, just not now. Yes, by all means move to your own place, but maybe do it later or compromise and find something very close to your mom so you can easily walk or drive to them if they need it, or close enough you can check on them daily if needs be. Yes, by all means be open to opportunitites for romance, but don' push, don't heap that on top of everything else. That will come in time, when you and your perfect love are both ready...not having a lot of emphasis there right now might be the universe's way of taking care of you...that would divide your attention further, and not only would that make school, work, parents even harder, it could degrade the love relationship too...there is nothing wrong with romance waiting until you are in a place in life that you can give romance the time and attention it deserves. Get school and work nailed down, then you turn your attention to affairs of the hear. Have friends, have fun, date or what have you...that is important to balance everything else and help you be at your best for what you already have on your plate. It just may not be the time for grand romance right now, but its time will come.

That being said, lets look at your cards:

No surprises here! It practically makes the same sentence ...

Lessons from the past: 2 of coins
Understanding now: 2 of cups
Next step forward: Emperor
Pivot point: 6 of swords
Alternate direction: The Chariot

General Pattern: Two major arcana cards speak to how much energy and change moving through life rignt now. Minor arcana is still the majority, however, so that hints that the energy and change can be manageable, and doesn't have to be stressful. The overall feeling is that it is positive, normal change and energy. It isn't easy by any means...but will be worth it all in the end. Look at this with 'future eyes' ... in ten years are you going regret taking this path, or will you be glad you chose it, no matter how things turn out in the end. Here I'm reminded of yet another old adage: "Shoot for the stars. Even if you fail you still land on the moon"  There is also a sense of calm, as if the minor arcana cards carry a real energy of reassurance for you. Notice how there are two "2" cards...that speaks to balance, and how balancing (managing stress) is important right now.

Lessons from past: 2 of coins. This is very balance oriented, but being a coins card I think it also carries a great deal of validation and reassurance for you that you are doing the right thing by focusing on work and school right now The time for your own place to live and romance will make themselves known to you. If you look back to the past, and look for times when you have found balance, when life had just balanced itself, and when the right time for things have come to your attention...that will will reassure you too. I get a feeling of "history repeating" ...look at past good choices you've made, and you'll see echoes of that in the things you are doing now. "If it worked before to balance and empower...do it again"

Understanding Now: Two of cups...again reassurance and balance. The two of cups is the real romance card in the deck, not the Lovers as so many people think. Look at the card online...you'll see the two people gazing at each other.  I think this reinforces the idea from before..."wait until you have all of your heart to give"...you will be happier in the relationship, and it will be a better relationship for the love and attention you give it.

Next step: The Emperor. Again validation, but with just a touch of advice. You have made good decisions as an emperor would...continue to make decisions that are right for you. Don't let others make you feel bad for putting career and school first and romance later, when the time is right. Make decisions that are right for you with regard to where you live, when you move out and how close (remember there are always multiple solutions when you have time to work with and nothing is an emergency)

Pivot point Six of swords is a card of transition, change, adapting, learning acceptance for a new situation. Acceptance is not the same as acquiescence . Just because you acknowledge a situation and accept it realistically to be what it is, doesn't mean you give up or give in to it. In your case, this card hints at "acknowledge and adapt."

Alternate Direction: The chariot symbolizes awareness, and to some extent the same competence, leadership, and decision making as the Emperor card. When the alternate card and the next card have similarities and overlap like that, it serves as a validation that you are indeed on a good path.

Summary: Usually here, I give any impressions that come through directly, independent of the cards, like scrying or a 'cold reading' but for you, it all came through quickly, before we drew the cards. I would add the colors deep sea blue, seafoam green, aqua...that sort of thing. I don't know if that is a reference to the color (to draw your attention when you see them, and act as a cue to be mindful and attentive to your situation when you encounter those colors) or if it is trying to make a reference to the actual beach or ocean...I'll leave that for you to decide

And there the energies step back

Hope that helps! Good luck with everything!


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