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Warm hello to you, and I'm very happy you're offering your guidance here. I'd really like to be an Angel card/Tarot reader like you, and want to know if this is possible or something my path is leading me to do? I also really like Doreen Virtue, and have a few of her decks and books. Lastly, I'd love to know if you see a long term partner or husband for me anytime soon or whatever you feel about him? My birthday is January 11 1983. Thank you so much, and best wishes!

Hi Sophia,

Thank you for your question!

First off, with regards to life purpose and in particular working as an intuitive reader, the two cards that popped out in your reading were cards concerning healing.

Do you have very vivid dreams or do you have a sense of a lot of spiritual information coming through? I feel like this sort of energy comes through really quickly (in fact I'm typing really fast as I get this information!) - you need to write! Write anything and everything down, because I feel as though you are really connected but you have a unique gift. The way you know in which you are getting through a lot of information, is if sometimes you feel as though you're brain is just filling up with so many thoughts/information etc. Just be aware of this and start writing.

Crystals will be very grounding for you - I feel as though your soul energy is very much connected to the earth energy, so crystals will be a strong grounding force for you. If you're not already working with them, please start. And if a crystal book falls off a bookshelf please read it/buy it. The energy is very strong and I feel like you're being pulled to it…which is wonderful!

I've asked about reading for other people - and it's a definite yes. There is a crystal oracle deck but there are also other earth based oracle card decks, such as Native Spirit by Denise Linn and Earth Magic by Steven Farmer. Any oracle card which has a strong earth energy about it, would be worth your investment, especially if you resonate with it. But I really see a strong image for the crystal oracle card deck if you don't already have it. The reason I feel that you need the earth based cards, is that healing is quite an earthy based energy - it's between the physical and spiritual, which will be your gift. Any endeavours which concern healing - and which your heart resonates will, just do! It will enrich your soul and your life.

The other cards which came through in your reading were in relation to trust and just letting go. This kind of work, is where we just have to trust and let go of trying to control or have the perfect outcome - essentially you are going to eventually be a communicator, and I feel speaking and writing may take over your work one day. Have faith and focus on what you're good at and don't compare yourself to how another reader or healer is doing it, because everyone works in a completely unique way.

With regards to Love…

What I see is that they are pointing across the sea…which means for me that you will meet him abroad in travels. It's not something you will expect to happen or be looking for, but he will come in at the right time. I don't feel it's this year.

The important message out of this from them to you, is to start igniting your passions. Your life will quickly change for the better when you do this.

All the very best,

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I am an intuitive card reader and have been reading tarot and oracle cards for 12 years now. Recently became a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader. The cards that I read from range from traditional Raider Waite decks, to Angel cards and Oracle cards. I love the Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland, the Energy Oracle card deck by Sandra Anne Taylor, and all Angel oracle and tarot decks by Doreen Virtue. I consistently participate in psychic development workshops and love what I do! For entertainment purposes only! If you have had a free reading with me and would like a more in-depth reading, please visit my Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/trustyourpath My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/trustyourpath Thank you!


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