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Hi, my name is sarah and im wondering what you see in regards to me finding a long term love. My birthday is 1987


Hello Sarah, thanks for contacting me with your question, I am using the Rider-Waite tarot for you. The one tarot card drawn for you today is - TEN OF PENTACLES - which according to Psychic Revelation "....a very happy indicator with regard to love....a new love may come into your life so fast it makes your head spin. Be open"

Spirit is saying to you Sarah that within 10 years (give or take, as time changes according to your own actions and reflections) you will be given a choice between who to settle down with long-term wise. Blessings to you on your journey of life.  

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ONE Tarot card drawn for you - I connect to your energies in the subconscious realm, my spirit guides will give you a brief answer.

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