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hi my name is christina birthday may 12 1974 my question is will i ever find a good man and get married ty

Hi Christina,

Thank you for your question.

First of all while shuffling the cards for you, I received an image of a home that is cluttered. Not necessarily messy or hoarding, but there's no sense of energetic space to invite the man of your dreams in. It's more of an energetic space issue, BUT it would do you the world of good to read a book on clutter, feng shui and space clearing. There's a few I can recommend if you're interested.

I also sense that this 'stuff' is a bit of safety energy around you too - you're wanting to find a loving partner, but at the same time protect yourself from repeated patterns. So perhaps going through your stuff and getting rid of anything that isn't serving your highest good, would be the best medicine right now.

The cards are showing a few interesting things, first of all I feel that 2016 is going to be a year of healing, transformation and searching for a new path for you. You need to find your sense of empowerment and purpose, and even though you are very much wanting love, I get a deeper sense that without this purpose you wouldn't be happy in yourself even if love showed up.

In past relationships, I'm sensing a great deal of sacrifice and heartache. This is your chance now to seek your empowerment, goals and healing, so that by the time you are dating properly, you can gage in a at least an hour whether someone feels right or doesn't. The Angel cards that I shuffled for you, made it very clear to be on the look out for anything that rings your alarm bells in the wrong way with someone - don't let emotions, hope, rose coloured glasses steer you away…trust your gut instinct 100% when it comes to this. This is a self-empowerment issue here - knowing your truth (what it is you want) and sticking to it. Don't try to change anyone that isn't right either - the right man will come into your life at the right time!

Using the Psychic Tarot deck that I based your reading on as well, I get that there is a sense of a great deal of personal change coming in for you - not just healing, but a whole new change of life ahead for you. I'm sensing that 2017 is going to be a good year for love beginning for you. And I get a sense of moving somewhere else. I've asked my Guides whether you will be married or not one day and a definite Yes came in. Everything happens at the right time, and it's important we don't miss steps because we're trying to get to a certain destination. In other words, spend this time focusing on you and doing things that you love to do. Love yourself, build you up and enjoy your life!

Start imagining what your life will be like with the man of your dreams - that can inspire you to create some changes in your living space, that not only will look and feel great, but start the wheels in motion.

I hope this reading has helped you and all the best for your future!


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