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hello dear, my name is Ayesha and dob is 15th april, 1991. I want to know about my love life. where is it heading. The person im in relationship (long distance) with is asking me to wait for two years to get married. He talks very less. I feel very lonely. Please give any insight about our relationship and how can i make it better because i truly love him and think of anyone else. Thank YOu

Hi Ayesha,

Thank you for your question.

What I am getting in your reading, is to stop putting your life on hold. What I am sensing is that the candle is burning at both ends, and you need to find the strength to move forward.

I feel for this man it's more of a convenience option, rather than anything more. Keeping you there, just in case.

There will be a better love waiting for you, but I don't feel it's with this man. I feel you will know when the right man comes, as you won't hold back communication wise. It will be loving, enjoyable and fun. And you will feel like you have the right to speak up.

You really need to trust and have faith, and have fun again. Also thinking positively is very important for you right now, if you haven't started doing this, then now would be the time to usher in that new energy.

All the best,

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