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Hello,happy new year!

I am a 42 y.o.wman living now in Europe.I now feel ready for a new relationship and I wonder
if I will meet anyone worthy one day.Could you please pick up anything about my new partner?

Thank you so much.

Hello Yasuko, I'm picking this up from the question pool, and using the Rider-Waite tarot for you. The one tarot card drawn for you today is - THE EMPRESS - which according to Psychic Revelation "this is a potent time for love, you may find that men and women alike are suddenly finding you far more attractive (both in terms of friendship and romance,) and you will want to be careful with how you use this power, as it's very potent. If you are single, this is a time when love - true love - could very well come your way.." My Spirit Guides are saying that the man you meet is very confident of his charm on women, he is over 40s for sure.... probably been married before, as he has that personality that women just can't resist... but you.... you sort of like tame him :) Blessings to you on your journey of life.  

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