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I have a simple straight forward question about my love life. Will I ever be in a long term loving relationship in this lifetime? I have loved and lost before. It's been more than 3 years since. Sometimes I feel I have lost the talent to attract the right guys. Other areas of my life are pretty stable except for my love life. DOB 18/3/89. Gender: female.  Thanku for your time.

Hello Kavite, I'm picking this up from the question pool, and using the Rider-Waite tarot for you. The one tarot card drawn for you today is - THREE OF WANDS - which according to Psychic Revelation "If you're in the market for love but feel as though you don't have any prospects, you are probably currently spending too much time and effort on your career. Think about allowing more time for your personal life." My Spirit Guides are saying make room for love in your life, let go of all past hurts and focus on the amazing loving lady that you are, feel within yourself that you have so much to offer a guy (or girl if that rocks your boat) and then..... amazing changes will happen! Your lover will ride into your life before you even blink your eyes! and just sweep you off your feet.... and you'll be like WHOA!!!! where did you come from!!! :) Blessings to you both on your journey of life.  

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