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Hi, I have been unsuccessful in my love life throughout my life . I have been trying to work on myself and learn from past mistakes. I want to know if there's anything I need to know or work on more in order to have a successful love life. My birthday is 12/29/1993

Thank you

I got some quick intuitive impressions right away as I was reading your question. I'll give those here instead of at the end. Then we'll get to your cards, ok?

First is the feeling that you are a path of growing and learning that will take you to the relationship you are looking for, but the thing that really stands out is your word "unsuccessful". It feels like you are being too hard on yourself and the relationships. If you learned something from the relationship, it was successful. If you experienced a moment of love in the relationship, it was successful. If you refined your understanding of the role of romance in your life as a whole or got a better idea of the kind of relationship you want in your life...then the relationship that teaches you that is a success. Marriage or "forever" is not the definition of success by any means. It has to do with what you experience, what you learn, how you react...all of those things. A key piece of this is re-defining what you mean by a 'successful' relationship. Expectations are lethal to many aspects of spiritual growth. Over idealizing a relationship, or wanting it to meet social expectations, living in the future rather than the right now can sabotage a love life. Even if the other person is unfaithful or what-have-you, then you know how to choose better next time. Then you learn, albeit the hard way, how to stand up for yourself and protect yourself and make better choices.

There is also a sense of HEALING. It is important to fully process and heal from the past relationships before entering a new one, or expecting a new one to succeed. If the next experience is to be a better one, then doesn't it deserve to have a whole and healthy you?

I also get a sense of "past lives". Ted Andrews wrote an excellent book (available on amazon) called "How to Uncover Your Past Lives". That may help here if some the hurdles you've faced are a process of healing old wounds from past lives...if you have that sense too. It's up to you.

Your cards today are:

Lessons from the past: ten of wands
Understanding now: Knight of Coins
Moving Forward: Nine of Cups

The ten of wands has to do with expectations. This feels like a caution. Try not to live in the future...love and accept people for who they are now, and relationships as they are now. Putting expectations on a relationship can sabotage it easily. The expectations may not come from you...expecting your love life to meet social norms or family expectations can be a problem too.

This card also has to do with boundaries. Looking back, have there been anytimes when you have been too much of a "doormat" or too selfish? Take those lessons to help you find a better balance and better boundaries next time around.

The knight of coins means perceptions, and it works with the other cards to encourage you to see things as they are, not as you wish them to be. Love what is to be happy and content.

Cups cards are the suite of love and romance. The nine is a high number card...it means insight. This card rather than advice or caution is what I call a validation. It reassures you that your perceptions are growing clearer, you are gaining insight and on a path to better things, especially if you stay with this pattern of learning and growing that you have been on.

And there the energy steps back

I hope that helps a little

Best wishes to you

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