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thank you for your time and energy in taking my question. I am self supporting , no job. I need an income . I have been applying to jobs without much offers, no interviews , what do you see for me? any insight into this matter will be heartfelt...please advise me to what I need for success..thanks and god bless..nancy feb. 16, 1956

Hi Nancy

As I was shuffling the cards, I got a sense of "this needs logic" and "this needs help". I'm about 10 years younger than you...and the job market has shifted dramatically over the past two decades. That's why I switched from a traditional medical career to freelance writing and entertainment. I don't know that full entrepreneurship in the "gig economy" is the answer for you, but it might be a temporary supplement until you can get more substantial work. My logical mind is screaming to tell you to do what I would do...get advice, from an employment agency or someone currently working in your field about how to play hardball in the current environment...newest strategies in resumes, interviews, creative networking, LinkedIn, Monster...the works.

Now that my logical half has been sated, lets see if the cards can add to that.

Well there you go...guess the logic is right...

Your cards are;

king of cups
three of swords
the emperor

The king of cups symbolizes mentoring and getting practical advice (from career professionals and placement professionals. Have you talked to any 'headhunters'?)

The 3 of swords hints at "corruption"...that you may not have been treated fairly...and let's face it, both sexism and agism are real and out there. Getting mentoring and knowing your specific legal rights might help you navigate around those unfair obstacles. The emperor is about assuming leadership. Perhaps more than has been comfortable for you in the past. Pay attention to appropriate assertiveness...assertive, not angry.

I've not read them myself, but Mika Brazinski's books come to mind here. I saw it advertised, and see it in my mind's eye. I wonder if that or similar books might help you. The title was "know your worth" if memory serves.

I hope that helps a little. Good luck!


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