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female 15th april 1991.
any guidance about my love life? coming days are good or bad? (currently im very upset due to my lover not talking with me . He has disappeared suddenly without telling me anything)

Happy Birthday on the 15th :)

Your cards today are:

Five of Cups
Seven of Cups
Six of Coins

Lessons from the past: It is no surprise to see cups come up in a romance oriented question like this. The five of cups specifically symbolizes losses. In the past position like this, the advice is to look at past relationships...what have you learned from them, and from this experience, that you can apply to making future relationships. Not to disappoint you, but the feeling here is very much ¨lesson learned. Move on¨ with regard to the the current gentleman who ¨disappeared¨. It feels as though the advice is to let go of this current situation and combine it with other old lessons to move forward in a more positive way in future relationships. Or as we say, this has been a lesson in what not to do BUT...hear this clearly...you didn´t do anything to make this relationship go wrong. Your only mistake in all this was choosing this guy....which brings us to the next card...

Understanding Now: Seven of Cups hints that you haven´t seen clearly. It feels like this card is saying you have only misunderstood...mis-judged his character...trusted a situation that was not trustworthy out of a need to be loved or a need to be in a relationship, any relationship. The advice is to see more clearly, slow down and understand the character of the man before you give your heart or start dating seriously.

The six of coins has to do with generosity. I don´t think it is talking about money or the literal sense in this case. It feels like the card is symbolizing generosity of spirit. It is validating that you are a kind and generous person with your caring. You give of yourself easily and engage with those around you...that is a good thing and you are being thanked for that. It is both your weakness and your salvation in this case. You care easily, and that makes it easy for you to fall for men who are not so good for you. But it also lets you engage with other people on a heart level that will keep you from feeling lonely until the right relationship comes along. Here it feels like there will be some time, I can´t sense how much time, between now (letting the disappeared guy go) and when a better relationship comes along for you. Be patient, and use that time to love yourself, to care for others, to build other types of relationships, and make them strong. Find ways to be happy with friends and family, and that will call a love into your life. It is like the old saying ¨birds of a feather flock together¨. To attract a man who will love you, be a happy loving person. Like attracts like as they say. You are naturally over the hard part...you are already kind and loving. So now it is just a matter of wait, and watch, and look for a good man, not just the first man to show you attention. Make sense?

Best Wishes to you

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