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I'm Marie born Sept 12, 1986. I feel so lonely. I've been depressed for long due to failure in my career and betrayal from people I love. Until I've met a guy. He brought happiness at the same sadness. I tried to change myself for the better but in the end it didn't work out for us as we are miles away and I don't feel secured with him. My life seems no direction again. I don't feel motivated although I've finally accepted we will never be together. But then thinking that someday my parents will leave me to migrate abroad to be with my sister gave me so much stress. I'm not getting any younger and my family are starting to pressure me to get married. Unfortunately I don't have a boyfriend.  Do you think someone will came along this year? as you've said tarot doesn't predict the future so any guidance will do. Thank you.

Hi Marie

From reading your question, it looks like your bigger challenge is dealing with your family rather than dealing with romance. After looking at your cards, it seems clear - first things first.

Your cards are:
lessons from the past- The Fool
understanding now - Justice
moving forward - 10 of cups

Having two major arcana cards in a spread this small is pretty significant. It reflects the emotion you've been feeling plus signals a time of change and energy flow for you.

The first card is a pretty clear message. The Fool, as you know does NOT mean you've been foolish or anything like that (as you might think from modern language). The Fool, being the very first in the whole Tarot deck, symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings. The advice here is to let the old relationships go...release all of that however you can. "Cut your losses" on an emotional level...don't put any more energy into thinking about how poorly past relationships have gone or second guessing yourself about any of that...cut every bit of it loose and make a fresh start in the romance department.

The important key to doing that is TIME. Don't give any more energy to feeling lonely...instead HEAL. When you are feeling emotionally strong, the loneliness is less. You can't start a good, new relationship when you are emotionally still wounded from old relationships. That emotion and energy will either attract someone into your life that repeats the old mistakes or sabotage your attempts at a relationship with someone better. You owe it to yourself AND your new love-interest to go into that new relationship emotionally healthy, whole and strong. Put aside the topic of romance until you are over it...then when the time is right the energy will turn back to romance. Now is not that time. Now the energy flow is strongly toward other things

The Justice card is all about balance and wisdom. It feels as if this card is directed at your family. It is hard to deal with stresses and pressures from them, but you are of an age where it is time to stake your claim to who you really are. No relationship that begins as a response to family pressure can do well. That is your lesson right now...to learn to see beyond the stress and pressure...to give yourself the love and wisdom and balance that you need.

Part of that wisdom is communication. Have you told your parents to stop pressuring and stressing you about getting married? Have you talked to them about moving? Is that a real thing that is actually happening or are you worrying about assumptions? Communicate and balance is the big advice and lesson here.

The 10 of cups is purely a reassurance card. If you can set romance aside for a bit, focus on healing, balance, and communication, then this card tells you that romance will come in its own time, after the healing is completed, after the issues with your family are settled, THEN later on, yes indeed romance will come.

Good luck!

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