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Hi! I am a 36 year old female and I dated a 31 year old male for a year. We got along great and were so in love, he even proposed me 4 months ago to marry him. Last few months I wasn't feeling good in that relationship and I had a health problems also, but the biggest issue between us was that I found him a little immature for his age (he still lives with his mom and he doesn't own or drive a car, marihuana..) and I was telling him that all the time. We had a argument a month ago (I wasn't feeling well and he didn't behave like someone who really cares for my health) and I told him that he is immature and that I don't have (at my age) time to lose. He was angry and he said we will talk later but he never called. So, a month passed and I miss him so much but I think he should call first cause I wasn't feeling well at that moment we had a fight. Now I don't know what should I do. Will he call me or contact me?

I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you feel better soon.

Your question: Will he call me or contact me?

Answer: it is impossible to know. Tarot and psychics can NOT predict the future or read his mind.

From what you say here, all the things that ended the relationship still exist. Why in the name of good sense would you WANT him to contact you?!

My advice...concentrate on your health, both mental and physical. Get well and healthy physically...then when you are well, take a look at your own maturity and your part in this. Wanting him to call first when you are the one who ended the relationship isn't very mature on your part either. Wanting someone who you know to be a problem to call you is unhealthy on your part. Think, are you really missing him as a person, or are you just missing the attention? Are you really missing him as a specific person, or are you missing the comfort of being in a relationship in general? Why would you want to return to such an unhealthy dysfunctional relationship rather than move on to living a healthy happy life on your own and maybe in time find someone else who is better for you?

Do the mature thing for yourself and focus on doing what you need to do to BE healthy - then you will have the capacity to find a good, loving relationship without all the complications.

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