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Do you see a serious relationship with a man for me?

december 20,1989

thank you!

HI Veronique,I see you having these thought and feelings going around in your mind a lot. That won't make anything come true unless you decide to find a way to make yourself known to men, especially the one you might find interesting and want to go out with. I see this a lot with people. I don't see a serious relationship for quite a while. Thanks for your question--Marie

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Hi everybody-I will answer any type of every day question-love,money,etc.,but can only give the timing of events in proximations. I use the Rider-Waite deck for confirmation of the information received, but I basically read intuitively. I've had advanced tarot card training, along with three years of offering accurate readings to people who write in with questions here at AllExperts.


I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses. People who I have already read for say that I am a very good reader, and can pick up a lot of details from just a few cards. My ratings and feedbacks from querents are also a testement to my abilities.

I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses at the local community college and new age shops in my locality.

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